Sarah Berckenkamp

Helps leaders and entrepeneurs reach their impact and financial goals

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Over a decade of experience as a project manager/ interim manager and (online) conference host for 100+ clients in the tech, IT and non profit sector.

Do you need a project- or teammanger quickly? I can adapt to a new situation in a few days and help your business or organisation grow within months. My agile team and I can help you align the musts and the wants in your business.

In the past 10 years I have had the pleasure of working for several tech companies, put my digital skills to good use (managing the development of new websites and apps) for arts & culture clients and employers, hosted (online) digital-conferences worldwide and I was founder of a start up.

My work has reached (directly):

275.000 people general public (b2c)

25.000 business professionals (b2b)

My skill set is mainly focussed on the WHY, sustainable financial growth, impact, storytelling and corporate social responsibility.

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Structured Trustworthy Goal oriented Transparent



Campaign & reputation

  • campaign for a new product or service
  • business event to sell your b2b product or service
  • event to sell your b2c product or service
  • start a grassroots movement including a call to action
  • develop membership schemes
  • hosting or presenting your business event


Financial management

  • broaden your business model – focused on sales
  • multi-annual financial strategy
  • starting up a charity
  • analysis and strategy on new business or new clients
  • lobby and policy
  • development and partnerships
  • stakeholder en shareholder managment


organisation / HR

  • change management to a project-based organisation
  • (re-)invent your team
  • recruitment and selection
  • executive coaching

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