Hi, I'm sarah!
i'm helping you unlock your desire to work and feel better in your business or career

and I am an experienced
coach and entrepreneur.

you are an entrepreneur or professional with 10-15 years of work experience

you're doing good, but you know you can do better & also feel better.

you are ready to take radical responsibility for your life and business or career.

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All you have to learn here is how to have fun. Don't be afraid to make these big decisions.
 Once you start, they sort of just make themselves. You can create anything that makes you happy.

every day is there's a new opportunity to grow

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Big Business Mastermind:
* 3-month business program for small business owners
*extensive coaching

Private coaching
* 3 - 12 months
* professionals
* entrepreneurs

coach, entrepreneur, former politican and manager

Hi, i am sarah

As a coach and entrepreneur I like to help both business owners & professionals in their career.

I've ran 5 of my own businesses and I've worked as an interim manager at different businesses.
Also I've been a politicion for 6 years.

No world is too small for me and I like to work with people who are feeling the same way.

You are already successful, but you want more.

That's the best reason to work with me.

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What is your window for calls?

One way to beat overwhelm in your career and business is to make specific windows for calls.​In this way you're deciding when you want to be available to

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