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2-day online workshop to upgrade your life and business!

imagine if:

You are dreaming of a second home in France, a business that runs on your terms, more time with your family and friends, being more free…

…but there’s something holding you back to actually go for it.

In Big Business Big Life we’re working on how to step into bigness.

The people who joined the first 3 rounds have worked on: raising their prices intentionally, getting a new job, switch from draining clients to lovely clients and finally buying the car they really wanted.

in this workshop you are:

this is for you if:

meet your coach sarah:

I'm Sarah Berckenkamp, 37 years old and I've helped 100 clients last year to create their dream life and dream business in my coaching programs. 

One year ago, I changed my business entirely, because I wanted to have a business that I would be proud of, with clients I love and by creating what I believe in: playing big instead of small.

In this 2-day workshop we’re going to figure out what it is that you desire.

Is it working remote, starting your own business, creating a scalable business or early retirement? In this workshop we're all having an open mind on what is possible. 

Applying for this workshop means you want to put in the work and finally be guided in making those changes, because you've tried this so many times by yourself.

I'm happy to share my method, my community and energy to you to make this happen for you!

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business coaching reviews:

The coaching with Sarah is fun and interesting, and exactly what I needed. I have learned there is so much I can do to create my freedom based life. Sarah gave me a lot of eye openers which helps me create an offer that benefits me and my ideal client."
Dorine Schoon
Creative Professional
"Sarah is great at coaching, with actionable steps, which you can immediately implement. She also motivated me to pursue my career the way I am! I am very happy with the coaching and I recommend it to everyone."
Isabelle van der Heide
Branding Specialist
"I did private coaching with Sarah and it was very good and inspiring. I really liked the tone of voice, the content of the conversation and the sharp analysis (Sarah is a good listener). private coaching at Sarah: Just do it, it's really worth it!"
Gideon Querido van Frank
Journalist and entrepreneur
"Most self-proclaimed coaches succeed to get on my last nerves. But today I had a coaching session with Sarah Berckenkamp and she is honestly just awesome! Questions like: How to run you business? How to set goals? How to make the right choices? She answers it all! As a small business owner you are thrown in the deep when it comes to entrepreneurship. Sarah’s coaching session was GOLD!"
Aafke Romeijn
Musician and writer
"My coaching with Sarah was fantastic. Personal, focused on my needs & sufficiently extensive to make it a success. Sarah guided me through the different steps in a calm manner, adjusted and gave extra tips where necessary. There were a number of things that I had not yet considered, such as setting a specific goal. Sarah ensures that you take concrete action and persevere."
Anke Stienen
Founder mAke Fair Fashion & Beauty
"As a starting entrepreneur you are sometimes insecure, which makes you doubt your actions too much and thus block you. I really needed a kick in the ass and Sarah's enthusiastic and motivating words. After two hours my sparkle was really back. The week after my conversation with her, I saw immediate results in the arrival of new leads. Super"
Caroline van den Tempel
Founder From the Heart
"For the second time, we asked Sarah to lead a brainstorming session with the Cinedans team to sharpen the long-term goals of the organization. We prepared very well and made a clear plan for this meeting. Sarah is sharp , cheerful, understanding, keeps asking questions and she can confront in a respectful way."
Martine Dekker
Managing Director Cinedans

No. This specific workshop is for everyone who is career-driven. It doesn't matter if you are currently running your business or working for someone else's business. 

It's up to you, the next workshop is in September 2023, but do you really want to wait so long to create your dream life? 

Yes they will be until May 9th. I do recommend joining in live, I will hold a lot of space for questions each session.

Yes, you can book a 1-week intensive or a 1-hour coaching call at check-out.

You will receive a workbook, 2 livesessions on zoom and if you have additional questions you can always contact Sarah.

No problem, you can email us and we're happy to help!