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(Re-) create a profitable business that fulfills your desires and enables you to help your clients the way you want it.

You do not believe you need to work ‘hard' to get it.

You know that most people who do that, have no idea what they're doing. 

But you would like to have an extra pair of eyes, experienced eyes, to help you find the focus you need right now.

For this year, does your strategy match your abilities?

Does your financial goal match with your offers, time and audience?

We're looking at your business from a realistic, trustworthy perspective. 

In this 3-month program, you're gonna be surrounded by 10 women who are at the same level as you are.

Ready to soar.

Fully supported in your business

Having a business model that fits you

Feeling more productive than ever

Spending time on building your legacy

Connecting with likeminded people

Attract the right people to your business

the outcome could be...

Over the years I've helped many women reach their full potential in their business.

In my coaching we're looking at the full picture. 

Not just what ‘should' be your strategy, but looking at what comes easy to you & what fits your beliefs.

I've tried many different strategies and mine and my clients' is to staying very close to myself in my marketing, stories and coaching. 

I believe that that's the best method. Maybe you need to unlearn some things, but I'm here to help you with that.


in 3 months you will:

Receive all the tools you need to create the business of your dreams;

Gain confidence in your business and make laser sharp decisions everyday;

Learn everything there is to know about recreating your offer, your marketing strategy and your financial strategy;

Connect with other likeminded entrepreneurs who are in the same phase as you are.

I am happy to help you with this!

My name is Sarah Berckenkamp, I’m 38 years old and I live in Amsterdam.

For the past 2 years I’ve coached over 120 people into the life and business of their dreams.

You’re not going to work with a one-trick pony, but with someone who has seen the world and understands it and will give you advice and coach you from all different angles.

I’ve worked with clients with impossible business models. And depending on their sector and willingness to change, we were able to always turn it around to their benefit.

In the Big Business Mastermind you will learn to create the business that fits you like a glove. I am not here to create copycat-businesses. Because I believe everyone is unique and has so much to offer, all of my clients are much happier in their life and business after working with me.

I believe I am the right coach for you, because I have a very seasoned experience and if you want to receive high quality coaching and advice for your business, then you should work with me.

do you want to:

Spend more time on things you love doing?

Only want to work with clients who really love working with you?

Make a change in the field you’re working in?

Finally want to break through with your artistic output and make good money?

Scale your business? Or a part of it?

Want your business to be easy to run?

mastermind client results:

There were several heavily subsidised artistic (freelance) businesses, which I turned into self-sustaining businesses

I’ve helped freelancers create a scalable offer aside from their hourly services, risk-free

Audited a business with money coming in, but also a lot of money going out and helped them create a more diversified income;

One of my clients was always going through ‘the motions’ but actually not happy with what she did, so I helped her turn it around

Big Business Self-Study

The Big Business Course is for those who want to be the best version of their entrepreneurial self. Enter this course now!

Value: €5.999

Your Price now: €1497

1. A very extensive video training that will bring you step by step to your new offer (value €4500,-).
2. Including many many templates to get you started (value €1499,-)

what is included in
the big business mastermind?

Course content containing 6 modules on finding your golden formula for running your business on your terms. We are tapping into your business and work experience, your network (and we are thinking outside the box), how to sell your offer without any doubt or any problem, how to step into your leadership role, both for your team and your industry and much much more.
You will have lifelong access.

Group coaching calls twice a month, where you will be coached by me, but also have the opportunity to be coached by the other coachees in the Mastermind (loads of value!), the coaching calls are typically workshops, co-workings or Q&A's.

You are able to check in daily (mon-fri) with me and your fellow coachees in the group-voxer. This is a walkie-talkie app, where you are sharing business wins, struggles, quick fixes and 10 extra pairs of eyes in your business.

You are receiving many bonuses along the way once you step in. Every season I am creating new courses, based on your questions (because I want to sell the idea before I create) and I'm teaching you how you can do this too.

There's also the opportunity to work intensively with me privately, in the VIP-package. This includes 1 private kick-off call to set your goals and 3 private coaching calls + daily private voxer access. You will also receive a shared folder on Google Drive in which we can go back and forth and looking at your salesplan, business plan, content ideas etc.

Do you like all of the above? 

Do not hesitate to apply:

Choose your plan

Big Business is for those who want to be the best version of their entrepreneurial self. 
There's three options you can choose from:


1497 eur
  • Immediate access to 6 extensive modules
  • 6 modules; knowledge, worth, mindset, network, leadership and productivity
  • work at your own pace on your own empire
  • create big results using my special framework
  • lifelong access to the coursehub and possibility to join in on the mastermind and VIP at a special price if you decide you want more
  • value: €3999,-


Building that accountability in your business with inspiring entrepreneurs
2247 eur
  • everything that's included in the self-study option
  • 1 private kick-off coaching call to set your goals for the upcoming 3 months
  • 2 master-mind group coaching calls each month (workshops, co-working, Q&A)
  • monthly Money-calls, this is an accountability call to work on anything money-related
  • connect daily with your fellow- coachees in group voxer (walkie talkie app)
  • 3-months of group accountability - 10 extra pairs of eyes in your business
  • Access to seperate trainings within the 3 months for free!
  • value: €9999,-

mastermind vip

Stepping into abundance: having a 3-month private coaching all to yourself!
4297 eur
  • everything that's included in the self-study and mastermind option
  • 3 private coaching calls i which we are making those goals reality
  • daily private voxer access to Sarah (mon-fri) - like having your business coach in your back pocket
  • A shared folder in which we can measure your business goals - including your salesplan, business plan, lead tracker and much more
  • first access to new developed templates and trainings
  • value: €19.999,-

learn more about the course content here:

Course content

Module 1: Knowledge

- Finding and choosing your niche
- Setting and reaching your goals
- Creating your offer in a product suite
- Personal Brand - what defines you, how can you make more of your PB?
- Business Plan - accountability; what have you decided on?
- Experience and investments: what is your experience, what have you done? How much time and money have you invested?
- Impact - what would you like to change in the world? What have you changed already?
- What is something you have learned and still want to develop?
- Are you and your organization future-proof?

Module 2: Worth

- Your current income cap
- Pricing
- Sales conversions
- Multiple income streams
- Budget
- Audit (data)
- How to decide on your personal or business financials?
- How to decide when to delegate?
- How to invest in yourself?

Module 3: Mindset

- Self: how to take mindset into action
- Money Mindset: loving money and making it work for you
- Business Mindset
- Circle of Fulfillment
- Triggers
- Worthiness
- Trusting yourself

Module 4: Network

- Tap into your network. Cold, warm, hot
- Ideal Client: avatar/persona
- How to expand your network
- Research to the needs of target group
- Lead generation + tracker + converting
- Content creation
- Communication: email funnels
- Working ahead; getting to know people before NEEDING them

Module 5: Leadership

- Who are you?
- Who do you want to be?
- How to take accountability in your business: through team, systems, AI

Leading a team:
- Hiring, onboarding
- Processes
- How to handle mistakes
- Getting involved into the public debate and becoming a captain of industry (combined with personal brand in Knowledge)

Module 6: Productivity

- Year Planning
- SOP’s
- Weekly schedule
- Projectmanagement
- Tools
- Processes

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1. Is this program for me?
Ideally, this program is best for people with about 10-20 years of work experience, that want to make their business sustainable + growable. Your experience can be either in your business, working for a business that isn’t yours or impactful volunteer work. You can fill out the application form here, as to find out if we're a fit.

2. I have followed other business courses, is this interesting for me?
Most business coaches work with different types of groups of entrepreneurs, I am specialised in helping experienced entrepreneurs who want to make an impact, not just because I am an experienced entrepreneur, but also because I helped hundreds of business reach their goals in 12 years time. I am experienced as an interim manager, not a one-trick pony.

3. My business is already working smoothly
Once you have decided to become a business owner, you are completely responsible for your own business, outside factors like a pandemic, a bad rep in your field of work, inflation, recession, or anything else will be something you have to deal with. Creating multiple streams of income will give you a more vast security in your business. Big Business helps you create that. Building that strong business that can also depend on you without you.

4. I want to keep my business ‘offline’ can I still learn something?
Yes you definitely can, we are going to be talking about definitions of success, leadership roles, automations, what you can scale and how to grow as an entrepreneur, there are so many ways and I am looking forward to discovering those with you!

5. Is this for service based and/or product based businesses?
Both. I especially enjoy working with entrepreneurs who want to make an impact on this world. Especially if you are fighting for a cause you are passionate about, then I am the right coach for you.

6. I am a starting entrepreneur, is this for me?
There's loads of mini-trainings in my shop to get you started.

7. When do we start?
We start at May 7th, 2024.

8. I have more questions
Please email me and my team at info@bureausbb.com

Are you working in the cultural sector in the Netherlands? You might be able to receive funding for this investment in your skills. 
Check out this website to see if you can get some support.

Coaching calls: (all calls are online zoom calls)

Let's do this!