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For the past decade, I've organized hundreds of events, from corporate events to festivals. I also have gained a lot of experience with events during covid and the uncertain times that we still are in. 
With flexibility, clarity and a great team me and my team can help you organize your next event:

Production + Planning

Full on strategy
Making your program work for you and your audience

The whole package
Marketing, communications and sales

There are numerous possibilities. Me and my team are happy to help you making your next (hybrid) event a success.

Reviews 2021

"Sarah knows how to break down a complicated event into segments that anybody can follow (and knows how to write a script)!"
Aldith Hunkar,
conference and television host, November 2021
"Sarah has proven in a short time that she can professionally organize an event. During organizing our online event 'Into Culture' I stayed well informed of the steps she had taken with the team and we reached a good result.”
Chris van der Vorm
CEO Ticketing Group,
August 2021
“Sarah immediately gave us the confidence that the Digitization Election Debate would become a success and that was more than justified.”
Evelyn Austin
CEO Bits of Freedom June 2021


In 2022 my course EventsPro will start on how to organise your event – stress free, scroll down to find out where to subscribe for the waitlist.

become an eventspro

Transform to the event manager that will have no stress in any step of the process

an eventsmanager you can count on!

Organizing an event seems very easy, but often you find out on the day itself that you could have done certain things better or differently. At an event you bring together different people who invest their valuable time in your event. That is why it is very important that the energy you put into your event also arrives at and matches your audience.

My first job was organizing the Amsterdam Museum Night, a huge event with 35.000 visitors. In that time I learned the tricks of the trade. But even before that I was already active in organizing events, from the age of twelve I was active in organizing demonstrations, competitions and ‘Sinterklaas' parties for my gymnastics club. Since then I've organized hundreds of events. I enjoy bringing people together, live or online, or hybrid. 
I get a kick out of it when I notice that the event has really been a success.

At a certain point I had created my fixed templates and I noticed that my clients and customers really liked that, they got clarity and the event was organized without stress.

I really enjoy organizing events myself, but I thought it would be even more fun to teach others about the experience I've gained over the past 10 years. From 2022 on you can follow my online course in which I offer you easy to use templates in which you can easily design and organize your event. Take control and enjoy organizing your event!

Do you recognise this?

You have no time to make a quality program

You are always too late approaching speakers / acts

During your event your ideas are coming up but it's too late to implement

Your event is not sold out, but you wish it was

You could have sold more during your event

would you rather?

Enjoy organising your event?

Present a program that makes you proud?

Imagine the day weeks before the event so you can focus on promoting it

Having your marketing on point, focused on your ideal client

Reach a larger audience?

Have a solid planning that is realistic and fits your stresslevel?

The online course eventspro is what you need

Reviews 2021

''I followed private coaching with Sarah and it was very good and inspiring. I liked the tone of voice, the content of the conversation and the sharp analysis (Sarah is a good listener). If in doubt about taking Sarah's course: Just do it, it's really worth it!"
Gideon Querido van Frank
september 2021
"My coaching with Sarah was fantastic. Personal, focused on my needs & extensive enough to make it a success. Sarah guided me through the different steps in a calm way, adjusted and gave extra tips where necessary. There were a number of things that I had not yet considered myself, such as setting a specific goal. Sarah ensures that you take concrete action and persevere."
Anke Stienen, Founder mAke Fair Fashion & Beauty, October 2021


this online course teaches you to:

Have control over your event

Spend less time on organising your event

Build your team with confidence and finding them the perfect role

Enlarge your event to new (seemingly impossible) heights

Look back with furfilment at your event and learn from each event you're hosting

become an EVENTSPRO

Course content

Module 1: Target and target group

- You know what you want to achieve and who you want to reach
- You are using the time of yourself, your team and your visitors efficiently
- You put yourself in your visitor's shoes and create the perfect event for them (and for you too)

Module 2: A program fitting to your audience

- You know exactly why you are organizing an event and whether you should organize it online or live or hybrid
- You learn everything about how to organize an online event, from streaming to replay, from interaction to a fascinating program
- You learn everything about how to organize a live event, from location to catering, from capacity to attention span of visitors

Module 3: Sales

- You learn how to tailor your event to the target group
- How to reach the right visitors
- How you can make your event a special experience for your visitors

Module 4: Planning + Team

- You learn to make a script for an online and live event
- You learn how to organize your event stress-free
- You will learn how to become the best project team leader and how to add fun to the process for everyone

Module 5: Budget

- You learn how to organize a financially healthy event
- You learn how an event can also generate money
- You will learn how to best determine your entrance fee

Module 6: Evaluation

- You learn from your own (old) events and how you can keep this up
- You look back at your role as project leader and you evaluate the team roles
- You learn to make a financial statement as the completion of your project

how does it work?

The EventsPro program offers you the tools and guarantees for successfully creating and executing your event. The course starts in 2022, consists of 6 modules and several live sessions and will last 12 weeks.

This online course is especially successful if you are able to spend 3 hours per week on homework, coaching calls and implementing.

Don't miss out!

Frequently asked questions

The beginning of 2022. Exact date to be announced.

Yes, several. The exact number and dates will be announced soon.

Once you're in: Lifelong access to the contents of the course.

This course is suitable for employees, managers and entrepreneurs. For example, you work in a marking department and regularly develop events, or you work for a small organization and you are responsible for all events. The course mainly focuses on business events, but can also be applied to festivals, weddings, etc.

Only with your business partner, if you want to participate with several employees of your company, you have to buy the course separately.

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