2022 is going to be your year

Between all of the celebrations, every year on New Year's eve my husband and I are having a moment to ourselves and grab a little book with goals. This book consists of goals of the past few years and new goals for the upcoming year.
We have done this since 2016, without realizing what it would actually do to us, but it really helped us focus on the importance of goal setting for ourselves individually and in our relationship. There's two things I would like to change though after the last year
, let me show you why:

What do I want to change in our new year's goal setting book?

I am going to talk to you about what the goal setting book is about. The book exists of two parts: the past year and the future year.
In the past year, we have written down our highlights, so far so good, and we wrote down our lows. The latter I am going to skip.
Because looking back at the book this morning, those lows were not lows, but lessons.
So I am going to rephrase them and look differently at my previous lows and look at them as lessons.

And to make this really personal:

I got burned out, gained a lot of weight, had a fight with a loved one. These were no fails, but all lessons from the past for my future:
Finding work that really suits me (freelance and now coaching), I learned to accept my body and to ‘feel' more of what I want and I learned to really understand who my real friends are, even in the worst of times.

In the future

For the part we would talk about the future, we would just write down what we would like to do, just the nice decisions and things we were looking forward to, but actually I realised this morning I needed to include the things I am not in favor of doing, but what would be better (for the future, my career, my wellbeing).


I want to give you an example: The decision to quit politics has been a really difficult one, I am quitting mid-career, where I've worked really hard for and wanted to be in for a very long time, but I am just not having enough energy for it. I am very much in favor of spending time with my loved ones and focussing on my career. This is by the way a decision I've made this spring and told people about this summer/fall, so this was not just a decision I wanted to make on one New Year's eve.

Now it's your turn!

Now that I've told you about my book, I would like to share with you a free download for you with a template of this book, so you can write your goals for 2022. The fun is in the long term and it really keeps the memory of great events in your life alive.

Download the Goal Setting Book here.

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