How to go from 1 to 3 income streams with ease

Today we’re talking about multiple income streams and passive income. Because there’s a lot of talk about this on social media and it’s not always the truth. Most people believe they just have to install ads, an online shop and let the money come to them. I’m afraid that’s rarely the case and why put all your money and effort into this game of chance? Quick wins do not […]

What is your window for calls?

One way to beat overwhelm in your career and business is to make specific windows for calls.​In this way you’re deciding when you want to be available to your clients or colleagues. Most people think they have to be available at all times, but the opposite is true. Experimenting with a window for calls can give you a feeling […]

How you went from Point A to Point B matters

The people who follow you, want to hear your unique point of view of your niche. One way to do that, is to create your ‘founder-story’ or simply: how you went from point A to point B.​This matters, because it might inspire your followers to create something new and interesting for themselves and to possibly attract them as clients.​Most people forget […]

Are you reflecting back something to people that they do not recognize?

Today we’re talking about why it’s hard to pivot in your business or career and why we’re staying away from a hard decision.​It’s okay to not make the pivot right away, or never.I’m not forcing you to follow your dreams immediately or ever.But I do want to invite you to be conscious about your decision of ‘not now’ or never.​And there’s a big difference […]

The infinite possibilities of a difficult topic…

Let’s talk about money. Most people are treating money like a difficult topic (superficial, it shouldn’t be about the money, money is bad, etc) and they’re blaming others that they find money important (to people without money, having money is important). The money beliefs of people are saying a lot about their personal situation. I strongly believe we should talk more about money, […]

If you want to be less surprised by what life throws at you, you have a choice.

Everyday we’re being challenged to stay close to ourselves.The news, social media, opinions of friends are ‘coloring‘ us every day. And knowing our thoughts & ideas influence our behavior, we respond in a certain way. So, if you have made big plans, for instance:​​‘financial freedom within 3 years’​​it’s very difficult following that dream if you’re cluttering your brain everyday by short-term […]

What to do when you’re being invited to be speaking for free

Congratulations, you’re seen as an expert because you’re invited to speak or perform at a conference, festival or some other type of event. But once you ask what’s the budget, they’re looking at you like you’re crazy or that you’re telling them you’re going to abduct their firstborn. This week, a cartoon appeared in the Dutch Newspaper Volkskrant, about this specific topic.It says: […]

Do you believe you need to get picked?

In this week’s newsletter, I’m sharing some wisdom I heard in Seth Godin’s podcast about ‘getting picked‘. My clients who followed the Motivation Mindsetprogram already know about this, but I wanted to share this particular story with you too. The idea that Seth shares with us is that we have a deep-rooted belief in our culture that we […]

Be a slob to enhance your performance

First of all: Thank you for all the massive responses to my previous newsletter and I’m glad that it’s inspired so many of my readers.New to the newsletter? Read the previous issue here.​Today we’re diving a little bit further in the same direction and we’ll be talking about why being a slob (sloddervos in Dutch) can be great for you and […]

What nobody is doing this summer….

The summer is here!Usually a time for most people to wind down, but what if you decided that this summer is going to be a fun opportunity to see what else is there…​For this week’s newsletter, I’m sharing how I’ve changed my perspective on the summer-time 2 years ago and how it helped me shift the energy in my business and of course, […]