#059 Harness the Power of AI to Supercharge Your Business!

For the past week I decided to dive into AI and today I want to share all my findings so far with you.​As a solopreneur you’re juggling multiple tasks, managing clients, and wearing many hats all at once. And time is your most precious resource.​AI can help you save time and streamline your processes so you can focus on what you […]

#057 Smart Stacking for a future-proof Business

Today we’re talking about something I call Smart Stacking and why it can help you build your business to new heights.​Smart Stacking allows you to not always have to start over, yet again, but to actively build on your business in a smart way and loose the ’employer mindset’ in your business. Charlotte York’s new favorite book, which ended […]

#056 Truly finding your why – because it’s very difficult to actually do it

Finding your why makes you stand out from a rowdy crowd of other businesses, but finding your why can be quite difficult. The importance of finding your ‘why’ is coming from Simon Sinek’s theory of that all successful brands are successful because they start with why: Most people have no idea why they’re doing what […]

#055 Let others help you in 5 simple steps by asking for testimonials, the right way

There’s nothing more convincing to buy from you, than your client’s testimonial.​Remember the last thing you bought:​Was this an idea you had just by yourself or did someone else (a friend, an influencer, a famous columnist) convince you to buy it?​Asking for recommendations to your clients can be daunting, but it will open up more […]

#054 Do you know what your clients actually want? Find out in a fun way!

The difference between a successful and a less successful business is:The ones that know what their ideal client’s inner most desires are and creating a service or a product for them are more successful than others.​By stepping into the mindset of serving your clients instead of ‘just doing what you think you should do’ will […]

#052 Audit your life & business once a month and you will thrive#052

Hello, Today I’m helping you audit your life and business and what you can do to make it more what you desire.​Because as a solopreneur you are pretty much alone in your business and you don’t have those ‘watercooler conversations with your co-workers’, so this tool will help you gain more clarity on where you […]

#051 Launch your next product or service with ease & how to set your prices#051

Today I’m breaking down for you how you can launch your new business, product or service.​Launching is a set period of time to present your product or service and is a very valuable tool to learn how to sell and… you need sales to keep your business alive.​Most business owners believe they should attract new […]