How to have fun writing a businessplan

Do you finally want to take your business (idea) seriously and grow and set yourself a plan?

Imagine your favorite artist, movie director, entrepreneur that you are looking up to.
Do you think they got there without visualising what they wanted?

Watch this clip about goal setting by Jim Carey and Oprah:

My example: the Spice Girls

Let me start with my own artist I am looking up to.
Recently there was a documentary broadcasted by the BBC about the Spice Girls, my favorite band when I was 10.
I loved them because they really spoke to me and empowered me with their phrase ‘Girl Power' – which actually stems from the early 90's punk group Bikini Kill.
They were brought together by a manager whom they fired quickly and then found a new manager, Simon Fuller.
He made the Spice Girls huge, by not just letting them work with the best music producers but also by finding lucrative sponsorship deals.
He certainly had a goal with these girls and they were up for it too.
Aside from everyone saying Spice Girls has always been a “marketing machine” (it was not in the beginning) actually they had a very interesting message in a time were feminism was not ‘cool' at all and they did change an entire generation (like me) of women and men who believed in theirselves no matter what other people are telling them.

Listen to this interview with the Spice Girls on what Girl Power in their eyes really really means:

The Spice Girls worked 2 years before hitting success, that's because they were going all in.
To this day this is very inspiring to me. I am not planning on having a music career, even though I did write some songs a few years back, but the Spice Girls inspire me each and every day growing my business.

Did you come up with your favorite artist or entrepreneur?

Great, so let's get to work with that person in your mind.
Here's a few questions you can answer:

By setting your goals for 2022 –> start with december 2022:
Where do you want to be in terms of:

  • Revenue
  • Number of clients
  • Number of followers
  • Number of sales
  • Number of team members
  • Average time that you work a day on your business
  • Where did you go for holiday and when?
  • Fill out other goals (could be personal as well)

What is needed to reach that goal?

  • Businessplan
  • A realistic budget
  • A sales plan
  • A social media content plan
  • Lead generation
  • etc.

How to divide these tasks over the whole year?

December 2021

  • write your businessplan
  • set up a budget (which is your current budget)

January 2022

  • write a salesplan
  • start using a social media content plan

February 2022

  • take action

And think about what you want to reach in the long run.

You can download the worksheet here and prepare your 2022 in full.
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Wednesday I am revealing the deal and I am helping you finding out what you want, what you really, really want!

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