Networking during a pandemic

It is quiet hard connecting to people these days. Last Friday I was at a gathering with very few people and I spoke to someone from my sector. She was asking me all these questions and currently I am preparing a follow-up for maybe doing business together.

To me it is very easy connecting to people, I will share a post about that in the future, but I want to talk to you to what you can do during the pandemic, because I did have a hard time pivoting to a digital alternative.
I see many people just sharing posts, shouting about what they're doing, but not actually connecting with their network. When you're an experienced entrepreneur it can be difficult in finding the right tone of voice on social media because you probably got a lot of business from word of mouth.

It shouldn't have to be this way and you can actually take a step towards a strong and interesting network online!

I've also included a free guide here, you can download this and have all the information you need.

  1. If you are looking for new clients, finding your niche, want to sell your product or want to present yourself as a freelancer, do check out your socials. I am doing this every so often to check in my network(s): Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn. This is quiet time consuming but it's offering you a lot of information: what is someone working on, what's drives them, how are they connected and how can you help them?

    I've added these hot leads or warm leads in a lead tracker, which I am updating weekly.

2. The same goes for your email contacts. Do check with them if they are okay with you adding them to your mailinglist and create a funnel especially for them so they are up to date on your whereabouts.

3. Start contacting those people on your socials and show a genuine interest; what are they up to, what are their challenges and start talking to them. Yes, your social posts are important, yes your business should be running, but you need people to actually make you business work. If you are not showing any interest, why would they care for you?

I was a bit hesitant doing this, but with a system involved, these steps are your way in creating an open network, connecting with people in a time connection is really needed and appreciated.

Do step out of your comfort zone and treat your followers like real people (because they really are).

Download my free guide here.

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