How to make your business professionally personal

Imagine this: You’ve worked your ass off all year and then life happens. Something doesn’t go as planned and your whole to do-list comes crumbling down. Will you recover personally? Is your business strong enough for this setback? Of course it is! Why? Because you’ve got your bases covered. More than 10 years of experience have taught me to anticipate bumps in the road and lean on the planning I’ve made back when I saw things clearly. Proudly, I present to you my fail-proof safety net for when life gives you lemons.

Action reaction

We all know those days when you’re reacting more than you’re taking action.

  • Your team members need input.
  • Your clients ask questions.
  • Your social media messages are exploding.

So at the end of the day you’re looking back at what turned out to be a full blown day of answering instead of creating. It needs to be done, but it doesn’t move the needle, now does it?

But what does?

Plan ahead

Make sure to keep your goal in mind at all times. You know, the goal that will get you closer to your dream life; the one where you can do whatever you want, whenever you feel like it!

You might think that you’ve got a clear vision in your head, but I promise you that writing it all down will enable you to connect some dots. 

Define your 3 main steps that are necessary to reach your newfound Walhalla and divide them into bite-sized actions that will get them done. Nope, we’re not done yet! Don’t forget to set your deadlines and plan everything ahead. 

This will keep you accountable and focused on what needs to be done.

Keep your eyes on the prize

I know it’s not always easy to prioritize your own business above your clients’ needs, but it’s oh so important. Think of it this way. The water you use to water others’ gardens will make them bloom and be seen by others. But be sure to navigate those sprinklers to your own green patch once in a while.

Use my free Professionally Personal Plan to get a clear view on what your business needs. Then, don’t forget to plan in your personal time as well. That’s right, balance is key!

And last but not least: keep your eyes on the prize. You know what you are working for. Don’t forget to pat yourself in the back for the road that’s already behind you.
I will be cheering from the sideline!

invest to harvest!

Big business

Do you want to take charge of your (freelance) business and be in control of your revenue, clients and your offer? 

You are in control of your business. 

I’ve created a form in which we can see if you are going to be a fit for one of my programs. Filling this out won’t mean you have to buy, this is just seeing if we can work together.

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