#19. 5 steps to reach your ideal income in 2022

Sarah Big Business

“Money, money, money! Must be funny…” What do you think, shall we talk about money then? I am here to give you 5 steps that will help you reach your income goals of 2022. And that… with ease, my darling! It all starts with asking yourself the right questions.  Let me start off with a […]

#18. 5 ways to use social media for your business purposes

Social media

My dear, can I ask you something? Tell me this secret: how much time did you spend on social media today? (Don’t blush… don’t lie…) That amount will probably be significant, am I right? Overall, we all spend a lot of time on social media. So why not use these platforms to connect with (potential) […]

#17. 8 tips to spice up your productivity


“Focus on being productive instead of busy.” And I agree with Tim Ferriss on that.  Productivity is a term that probably sounds very familiar to you. These past years it has become super popular… We’re always searching for the perfect ways to be more productive and sometimes you won’t see the wood for the trees […]

#16: How to (re)create your offer without losing quality or clients

Quality online offer

Offering quality to your clients and yourself as well? Why, yes you can! As you know I went from being an interim manager to growing into a business coach. As in any job I’ve ever done, quality comes first. But that doesn’t mean you can’t re-evaluate your offer or create a new offer from scratch. […]

#15. You want to sell like a pro? Then listen first!

Reach your ideal income

Another week, another blog for you! Yet again, a very important topic: sales. Because without sales, there’s no business, my dear. And we want to survive and even thrive as a business, don’t we? So it’s crucial to sell with ease to your ideal clients. I’m happy to give you the 3 steps that will […]

#14. How to become the leader we all need in just 5 steps!

How to become the leader we all need in just 5 steps!

Michelle Obama once said ‘Lead by example with hope, never fear’ and I can’t agree more. Today we’re going to discuss leadership, a topic I’m very passionate about. How can you become the dream leader of your business and captain of the industry? Dear reader, let me be your guide…  T E A M  L […]

#13. 3 Rules For Prime Price Setting!

Price setting

Yooooo, I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want… for you to set the right prices for your products or services! Do you think that’s difficult to do? Or is it even more challenging to communicate your prices towards your clients? Is the answer affirmative? Okay, you arrived at the right address, […]

#12. 3 Big Life Pillars that will help you create your dream life

Create your dream life

Do you have your dream life all figured out? Where do you see yourself in five years? Aah, the dreaded question! Most of us don’t even dare to speak out about what we really want. We’ve been told all our lives that we should stay humble and be grateful for what we already have. And […]

#11. 3 political tactics to help you grow your business!

Politics and business have a lot in common. I know this because I’ve been an active politician for 6 years. I wanted to make a difference and really connect with people. And although I managed to successfully do so, my heart lies with you, my entrepreneurial friend.  As I look back on my political career, […]

#10. 10 steps to successfully pivot your business!

Business with Sarah

PIVOOOOOOT! I know you can hear Ross yelling this well-known phrase in your head. And although his staircase endeavor wasn’t very successful, he was on to something.  Pivoting is essential in life. Because let’s be honest: nothing ever goes as planned. Your business is no exception to that rule. I think the last couple of […]