6 pillars to success

#7. Create your dream business successfully with these 6 pillars

Being a business owner is wonderful. You can create your own freedom, your own life. But… it costs a lot of time and energy to get to that point. And you know what? It’s totally fine to not be happy with where you are at the moment. Why? Because you can always change your direction. I believe that business owners who are not willing to change are not serious about their future or their freedom.

The bad news is: It’s your problem to deal with. The good news: You can solve it. Luckily you don’t have to do it alone. I will help you with the 6 step-framework I use in my Big Business Course. Let’s go!

1.   Knowledge

Love thyself, so you can love others. Already heard of that one, right? It applies to your business too!

You have done and learned so much during your career. It’s time to take a look back.

Collect 3 successful projects you worked on and write down what they taught you.

That way, you can find your niche authority. And that, my friend, allows you to pinpoint your audience. My tip: Start small, you can always elaborate later.

Then it’s time to align your personal brand with your business goals. 

Ask yourself the question how you can future-proof your business. It might help you to think of the end of your career, maybe in 5, 10 or 20 years’ time. When you are selling your company, what are you selling? 

When I was 10 years old, I had my own fashion label, modeling agency ánd newspaper. Needless to say, that changed along the way. It’s totally fine!

2.   Worth

Think about your own worth, but also your money.

Are you setting the right prices? Set a yearly budget with three income columns: 

–       I need it

–       I love it

–       I’m blown away by it 

And don’t forget: Businesses need multiple income streams. 

I’m working on a case study on Peloton. Their business model expanded immensely throughout the Covid pandemic. But now it’s collapsing and many people are being laid off.

Our lesson learned: Be sure your business is not hanging by just one thread.

3.   Mindset

You hear many business coaches say: It’s all about mindset. I totally agree, but you need the other aspects too. It’s not JUST mindset.

Be curious about your business at all times. Act like not everything depends on the decisions you make. You can always change your reactions.

You do need certain forms of self-care.

So, make a list of 10 things you love to do. Think about going to dinner, taking a bath, reading a book or hosting a cocktail party (I’ll be waiting for my invitation then).

Also, use positive self-talk. Do not let others destroy your mood. Set your intentions and focus goals for one year and don’t give any attention to distractions.

4.   Network

It costs 10 times more to find new clients, than it costs to nurture the ones you already know.

Warm contacts are always better than cold ones. Nourish what you already have.

You don’t need 10k followers on Instagram to be successful. You need to be visible for the people around you. And oh yeah, don’t be afraid to sell your offer.

Your assignment: Talk to three potential customers today and thank me later.

5.   Leadership

Once you are a business owner, you are a leader. If you are not leading a team yet, you are most definitely leading your bank account.

Learn from the people you look up to and step out of your comfort zone once in a while.

Write down one thing you would love to do but feels a bit risky. And then go do it!

6.   Productivity

Think about what your long-term goals are and what you need to make them happen. Enjoy the ride of pivoting your business without it being uncomfortable.

The world is constantly changing. If you are skilled up, you are ready for the future.

Think about your 3 big goals for the upcoming 3 months. Check in during your weekly planning if all of the tasks are aligned with those 3 goals. If not: It can wait.

Did you find these tips helpful?

This is just a sneak peek out of my Big Business Course, there’s a lot more in there waiting for you. It’s going to be jam packed with advice and exercises to get you to the Big Business you deserve.

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I am here for you!

Quote of the day

“Success is only enjoyable if it feels like your own.”

– Michelle Obama

invest to harvest!

Big business

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You are in control of your business. 

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