Nail your mails

#9. How to nail your mails: 3 tips for success!

Have you checked your mailing list lately? It’s simultaneously our biggest asset… and largest pain in the neck, right? Sending out the most fitting Emails at the right time can be the single best thing you can do for your business. It’s a perfect way to engage, share value and add some good money to your bank account. But only when you do it right. Not to worry, my friend! I’ve got your back with 3 tips to nail your mails!

Know your target audience

I’ve said it before and I will say it again. Your audience is the fuel to your business. It is thanks to your (potential) clients that you get to do what you love on a daily basis.

It is imperative that you keep the right audience in mind when sending out your Emails. That means writing in the correct tone of voice and offering a solution for their specific pains. But it also means you need to segment your audience into different groups.

There is no segment that is more important than the other, it’s just a case of providing the right value. Think for example about your warm leads. They need a different approach than the colder ones.

Do you know what helps to automate this? Funnels, baby!

Yes, it’s a time investment at first, but it will get the right information to the audience that needs it. Optimizing your funnels leads to more followers, to more sales and ultimately… you’ve guessed it, to more freedom!

Give your audience free value

Gaining your audience’s trust is of the essence here. Why would anyone buy something from you without the evidence that it works?

The best way to show your leads that they desperately need your product or service, is to provide them with free value. And guess what? Your Emails or the perfect tool to do so.

Think about sharing tips that will make your audience’s life so much easier. Once they’re hooked, they will automatically see their need for your offer.

Tip: You might think that you don’t have any tips to share or that you don’t want to give all your value away for free. But think about it this way: What is obvious to you, isn’t obvious to all of us. Start at the base of your offer and use a mind map to find your audience’s tough spots.

Don’t forget about storytelling

When you were a kid, you heard a lot of fairy tales… and I mean, a lot! And yet you seem to have remembered all of them. I wonder why that is. Just kidding, I’m not wondering at all. Because I know exactly what the reason for your on point memory is. 

It’s storytelling! Every story has a beginning, a middle part and an ending. The middle part consists of a struggle and a solution. You get the drift. Make sure your Emails will be remembered.

You know what to do: Write your very own fairy tale.

It’s up to you now!

Are you ready to tackle your Email journey? Or can you use a little help to guide you along the way?

I’ve got you. You can download my free Mailing Guide Checklist to give you a head start right here. Did I mention it is completely free?

Let’s nail your mails!

invest to harvest!

Big business

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