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#18. 5 ways to use social media for your business purposes

My dear, can I ask you something? Tell me this secret: how much time did you spend on social media today? (Don’t blush… don’t lie…) That amount will probably be significant, am I right? Overall, we all spend a lot of time on social media. So why not use these platforms to connect with (potential) clients and sell your offer? Today I’ll provide you with the ultimate social media guide for your business. So get comfy and take your notebook with you. 

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Let’s start this blog with some background information of my experience with social media. I’ve used LinkedIn for ages, 16 years to be precise… (oh god, that makes me sound old but okay, I’m okay!) And I gained a lot of connections through it. I always shared my job titles, accomplishments and opinions on my LinkedIn profile. With that I was building my own niche authority, I was presenting myself in a certain way so that the right people would want to work with me. Because of course there needs to be a certain match between you and your clients?

However, last year I learned the real social media techniques. I discovered how I can sell on social media. And my dear, let me pass that knowledge onto you today! 

1. Understand the purpose of social media

This is the first step I want to share with you. Ask yourself the question: what does social media mean to me? What purpose could I use it for? For instance, I think that social media is a great lead generator. It could be a way to grow your audience, share your knowledge, opinion, and passion. It’s also a great opportunity to promote your offers and not only by ‘showing’ them to your potential customers, but also having a conversation with them. When people are following me or liking my Instagram posts, I slide in their DMs because they show an interest and I want to help them. What I do next is saying ‘hey, I saw that you liked my post about pricing. How are you?’ You can have a chat and send them the podcast or blog link to the pricing episode. This is called a ‘funnel’ and you can automate these kinds of messages or do it ‘handmade’.

2. Create an email list 

The second step should be additional to your social media strategy. Create an email list with all the clients you’d like to contact. If you segment them in different kinds of clients, you have a perfect overview. For instance, you have a group of clients you already sell to, but you can also have a group you don’t have an offer for yet. Sending out emails on a regular basis to all these clients, will warm them up for buying your offers. A program that can help you with this is Convertkit. I've been using it already for a long time and I must say: I’m a fan! 

I have created a free download about mailing. If you find this topic interesting and you want to spice up your skills hereabout, go check it out! 

3. Think your offer through 

Here it’s important to think about how to create that ideal social media strategy. I would strongly recommend you think about what exactly you want to offer. How can you help them? Think of a low, medium, and high tier offer. Once you know this, make it visible and possible for your potential clients to contact you through. For example, I have an accessible link in my bio. And you, do you maybe already have a link tree? 

4. Create different kinds of offers 

I’m not making it very difficult for you today. The fourth step is a short one: create different kinds of content and offers. I’m currently recording four podcasts on the same day and different blog will be written about that content. Next to that, I love to provide my (potential) clients with free downloads. And of course, I have my masterclasses, courses and programs. You see? I do different things to help as many clients as I can. And in my opinion, so should you. 

5. Show yourself and be limitless 

Think of a person who you look up to and ask yourself the question how they would show up online. Are you doing something similar then? If not, listen carefully: don’t make yourself too small on social media and show up as you want to. Sometimes I’m seeing interesting content online, but I feel like the creator behind it is hiding. There’s a lack of ‘light’, enthusiasm and confidence… And why? Because of the fear that you may push some clients away? Please, don’t… I told you earlier that I shared my opinion on my social media from the beginning. Did I lose some followers because of that? Yes. Did I mind? No. Why? Because then they weren’t the ideal client for me in the first place and I still help a lot of other people. Don’t limit yourself and shine bright. Sell your offer with confidence!  

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Let me really end now with this beautiful quote of Elaine Welteroth: ‘When the world tells you to shrink, expand!’. And yep, this quote really resonates with the 5th step above… Don’t you ever forget this! 

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