#020 How to handle sales objections

I wish someone had told me this before, sales objections is a very normal part of the sales process.
What are sales objections? People telling they don't have money for your product or service, no time, they don't see why it's for them etcetera.
Once I heard no from someone I always thought; you know what, I am preparing for our break-up letter and I'll never bother again.

This was WRONG.
As you are doing sales, you are not ‘selling', you are helping people make the right decision. They took the time to talk to you and they probably want you to help them.
What you want to do in your sales process is to understand when something is an objection and how you can help your future clients to make the best decision for them.

  1. Listen: why do they want to work with you/use your product
  2. Acknowledge: that you understand what they want/what their problem is
  3. Discover: ask follow-up questions
  4. Respond: provide a solution that will help them, or help them find an alternative. This is also the moment to talk next steps.

What are objections you will be hearing in your sales process (and which can be changed)

  • Lack of budget –> show value
  • Lack of trust –> become a niche authority
  • Lack of need –> check if they're right and find a solution
  • Lack of urgency –> schedule an appointment in a few months to check-in again

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