#25 From solopreneur to soulpreneurship (CEO balance, role modelling and Amy’s latest project) with FastForwardAmy

Today I’m talking with Amy van de Putte, or Fast Forward Amy, 29 years old, lives in Belgium in a mansion with a swimming pool. She loves to work-out a lot and she turned from a fitness coach to an online business coach & owner of an online community called Alfa Women. She made one million euros during a launch of one of her programs at the age of 27 and she has over 60.000 followers on instagram.

I followed both her programs last year and grew immensely as an entrepreneur and as a person working with her. Now she’s here in my show, we’re talking about mindset, how 

We’re kicking off today's show with an insight of Amy’s content process and how she and her team has to fix it. 

There’s different phases in each project; plan, analyse, decide, create, implement, test and apply this in different projectes in your business, makes it so much easier to work on certain things, because it makes you cut up tasks into manageable pieces. And the secret to batching is being revealed.

For instance on my podcast, and I learned this from Amy, I am batching my content and she’s mastered that in her podcast first, go check out: the Fast Forward Amy show.
Right before the recording on this episode she recorded her own podcast on “How I got Rich” – I highly recommend you listening to it, it’s a great 2-part episode and continuing on the subject I asked her the following:
“When you pivotted your business, was this the business and life that you had in mind?”
In a way she did: she had clients with huge houses and swimming pools and one of her first instagram posts was about making millions and she envisioned herself being on a beach at 11 am and answering clients. So the idea was there and also the pivot from fitness coaching to business coaching was there, she just had to take the steps to get there.

In her content in the launch of her Boss Up Mentorship (which I followed), she shared a ‘trip down memory lane’/coming of age story on how she got where she is now and in those picture’s you’ll see fitness-Amy and she’s looking great, but the big difference is the way she’s looking from her eyes, turning into business coaching has made her very self-assured.

She shares with me why she wasn’t feeling safe at that time, because when working out, she wanted to lose weight, she didn’t want anything else and honestly as a fitness coach, she was helping others lose weight as well. And now she is losing weight again for her health with love and kindness, not so much for her appearance. 

She started working on her money mindset and that helped her starting to feel safe and starting to love herself more. Sometimes she’s feeling like a bundle of love and joy. 

And when she was dating someone for a couple of months and it didn’t work out, she felt like: well, I don’t feel like giving all my love if someone doesn’t want it. 

My conclusion was that he wasn’t her ideal partner (with a pun to ideal client) and I am bringing up one episode of Sex and the City, where it is Charlotte’s queste to use business tactiques to finding a husband.

Amy is talking about how her ego has moved away to make more room for her selflove and soul and how she has created her life and business around that and just wants to work with people that are connecting with her on a soul-deep lesson.

The way to get to the path of selflove is to go from -1 to 1, is by passing 0. Sometimes you need to take a break from it all and reflect on what happened. 

One of the things I learned as a fitness and gymnastics coach is that rest is the most important training, because that’s when your muscles are growing. 

In response to this Amy reflects on having that balance in her business as a CEO and why it’s so important, that her days can’t be filled with being the CEO all the time, but also sometimes take time to create coaching content. 

For my next question I wanted to dive into role modeling and having a responsibility of over a 1000 clients & a team. For Amy this starts with knowing exactly what her clients need and tapping into that, but also about setting the boundary on where the proximity to her stops and finishes for instance in her dm’s. And how her mission is helping her being the best coach for everyone and that it’s not always about being nice, but knowing that sometimes you need to be strict in order to help your clients get ahead. 

Has Amy’s background coming from an entrepreneurial family helped her being a business coach? Yes, she was a born entrepreneur, so she definitely benefited from her childhood and her upbringing (making her first money at the age of 10) and that is also one of the reasons why she wanted to launch the Business Dad podcast (go check it out), because she wanted others to enjoy the lessons she learned as a child as well. And that totally resonated with me personally, because I am looking at the Business Dad podcast as a bit of a substitute for the childhood lessons I missed.

In the question on why Amy is a feminist she answers about that everyone is having a different idea on what a feminist is: “We all deserve to shine a light on each other” and that she truly believes in abundance. I am also commanding her for not having any judgment on how people perceive her, mostly men. The reason why I asked is because in the Netherlands 40% of the women aren’t financially independent and I am seeing that Amy is helping change that (and I also want to help women reach financial independence). 

The final question I wanted to ask is: what are your next steps? Because I think Amy is such an inspiration, innovating and thinking of new things and she’s sharing with me her latest project: she introduces the Business Summer School and it’s about the things you don’t learn at school: money, independence, health, communication and relationships.
You can register for free here.

And we already set a date for our next catching up: episode number 50, our Christmas episode, with a glass of red wine and we’ll probably wrap up the year, or have another Christmas theme coming up for you. 

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