#039 The 5 reasons why people don’t buy from you (and what you can do about it)

Wonder why people don’t buy from you?

For the past few months I realised, there is no quick win in sales.

If you are ready to invest time and effort in this, it will pay off.

The thing is, it’s sometimes very hard to understand why somebody isn’t buying from you.
I mean, you are having a great offer right? You have heaps of experience and honestly you know that your possible client will be much better off if they’ve worked with you.

I am bringing up 5 reasons why I believe someone isn’t buying from you and I am offering you solutions.

Some reasons might be a bit harsh to read, but bear with me, I believe it will help you get the clients you deserve.

Reason 1:

It is unclear what you are offering:

– Always talk about the outcome first

– Pricing, dates, location, time investment, the fun part, what do they gain

– For who is this exactly?

Weave this messaging around your social media posts, email newsletter, sales page, irl conversations.

Reason 2:

You are not specific on the outcome

– Talk about Point A (where your ideal client is now) to Point B.

– Without explaining how, be specific on the steps one is going to take once they work with you

– Buyers in 2022 like to do their own research, have as much information as you can to take them for a ride. No short sales pages!

Reason 3:

People don’t trust you

This is a bit harsh to realise, but it might be true.

You build trust by:

– Showing up (every day) by sharing your expertise online, become a niche authority

– Getting involved in conversations online, write a column in a publication your audience reads

– You might want to consider to get public speaking gigs

– Ask for reviews from your current clients and share them on your website/ sales page (or LinkedIn profile).

If you need to dive deeper into this, episode 6 from Big Business with Sarah is for you.

Reason 4:

Your pricing isn’t fitting your offer

Stop making up pricing from your gut feeling!

– How much do you want to sell?

– How much do you want to invest to sell?

– What does your product suite look like? What is going to be the Customer Lifetime Value?

– Is this your core offer or your lead generator?

Just making up pricing as you go is a big no-no, your audience will feel that. Have a strategy in mind. This is also how you build trust.

If you wanna learn more about setting your prices and having the right sales strategy, you can follow my sales plan training for free, I will link it in the shownotes.

Reason 5:

You are not creating enough urgency.

If people are saying they don’t have money or time, you need to work on your messaging.

  • give away something for free so they can taste what it’s like to work with you
  • show the outcome they will get
  • dive deeper into what your ideal client needs: create an offer they can’t refuse
  • And remember: your future prospect doesn’t owe you anything, it is up to you to make your offer very attractive

In conclusion:

1. It is unclear what you’re offering

2. You are not specific on the outcome

3. People don’t trust you

4. Your price just isn’t right

5. The urgency to buy is unclear

You deserve to get the right clients and let them pay you, work on these 5 steps and you will attract more.

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Thanks so much for listening and see you next week!

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