#040 – The 18 systems that help me run my business and why

You can’t run an online business without having some systems in place, but also if you’re not that into running your business online, there’s so much you can do to stop doing repetitive tasks and you know I am not a big fan of those. You can listen to my productivity tips in episode 17.

Some of the systems or apps are free or you have to pay a small fee.

1. Calendly

This app has helped me schedule all my appointments from sales calls to coaching calls. The zoom-integration is great.

2. Click-Up

This project management system helps me and my team to know exactly what to work on which week and it allows me to see progress. I mostly use this for launches, not for day to day.

I am going to switch to notion by the way, but still figuring it out.

3. Slack

I only communicate through slack with my team (no email, no whatsapp).

4. Google Drive

Is my vault for projects & documents my team needs to see. Also my private clients get a seperate folder which we use to exchange documents / comments.

5. Dropbox

Is my cloud in which I am storing all of my podcastrecordings / videotrainings for my courses / coaching call replays

6. Voxer

A walkie-talkie app I use to communicate with my mastermind & private clients, it’s a bit like whatsapp, but because it’s a different app, I am not mixing business with pleasure

7. Convertkit

My emailprovider, enables me to send group emails and to build funnels & small landingpages

8. Typeform

I use for application forms for new clients & progress forms & evaluation forms existing clients

9. Teachable

My coursehub. I run multiple courses and I am very happy to use one platform in which I can store all of my course content.

10. Zapier

This app allows to connect other apps, so imagine someone buys from me, thanks to zapier they will immediately will be directed to my coursehub.

11. Woocommerce

My online shop.

12. Mollie

The system that takes care of my payments.

13. Canva

Anything I need to design (I’m designing everything myself); content, presentations, quotas, you name it.

14. WordPress + elementor skin

My virtual assistant built my website in wordpress and created an elementor skin so that I can easily change my own website too.

15. Zoom

I use zoom for meetings ánd to record my videotrainings & podcast recordings (video) – my video producer helps me edit

16. Buzzsprout

My podcast ‘hub’ – this is where I am uploading all my podcast episodes and I could be on any platform I want (now it’s just spotify) – if you want to learn more about how to start creating your own podcast: listen to episode 37.

17. Garageband

I use this to do simple audio recordings like my private podcasts. My audio producer helps me edit.

18. Airtable

A very easy to use spreadsheet with automated columns in which I am hosting my lead tracker.

I’ve added a free download for you – The Productivity checklist to make your life a lot easier. This episode is to inspire you about what is possible through systems but there’s much more systems I am not using yet and I’m very happy to share an update with you next year!

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