#044 – 10 reasons Why the Coaching Industry isn’t Bad

One of my clients decided she wanted to turn her profession into becoming a coach in her profession.

Currently in the soft launch of her coaching business, she’s helping  a few  people run their business with profits. 

But she stumbled upon so many limiting beliefs that it took her 7 years to do this.

What was keeping her from coaching?

  • the belief that being a coach = automatically being a fraud
  • the idea that others would think she is taking the easy road
  • everyone has an opinion about coaches and she doesn’t want to hear that

There’s actually so much hatred about the coaching industry and while I believe there’s bad coaches out there, I believe there’s also bad CEO’s, managers, chefs, bakers, freelancers etc out there. But the coaching industry for some reason is a particular breed apparently?

Why is this? I have no idea, when I was doing a quiz on instagram most people answered it was something to do with misogyny and jealousy, but that’s of course not a representative conclusion, but I do believe there’s something that triggers others. 

I ‘gave up’ my respectable career of being an interim manager and becoming a business coach, why would i do that? I’m talking about 10 reasons why we shouldn’t bash too much on the coaching industry, but see the value of one of the fastest growing professions out there.

Whilst actually by being a coach in your profession, you can:

  1. be more inclusive. Not everyone has a university degree, you can help others reach big goals, learning can be fun
  1. create more quality in businesses, because you’re helping people with the tools you’ve learned
  1. create a more diversified offer in the current coaching market, don’t ever not do something, because the market is ‘saturated’ 
  1. should you be a certified coach? And why? also with certifications: are all managers business schools graduates? Not in the cultural sector, are all chefs professional cooks? Not all of them. Are all restaurants good? No. Are all bakers good? No.
  1. step away from the idea that you have to do what others think you should do, the haters do not pay your bills
  1. help women become more financially independent. Have you heard the story of equal pay day? And that in these final weeks of the year women get paid nothing?
    You can help them by creating a profitable business.
  1. show that there’s so many ways to make money: it doesn’t have to be what everyone does
  1. unfollow everyone who are against coaches, you don’t have to listen to them, maybe they had enough chances and opportunity to build their own career or business, maybe they didn’t have a great business coach so that they are disappointed, who knows, it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy
  1. Depending on your business model, you can also help more people at the same time. As an interim manager I was doing all the work for my clients, but as a coach I’m actually helping my clients learn stuff themselves, and that knowledge is very valuable.
  1. focus on your client wins. Absolutely the best feeling in the world – almost 50 clients + 2000 podcast listens, all people I helped.

It's time to have a nuanced discussion about this.

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