#049 My 2022 Wrapped – From Interim Manager to Business Coach

Last week's episode was about looking back at your year (and planning for next year) and looking at my podcast stats, I know my listeners really enjoy a good old behind-the-scenes, so I wanted to wrap-up this year (and my current podcast format) with a personal wrapped.

In this episode I'm sharing my 2022 on a personal, business and spiritual level.
Honestly, I never expected that last word to be in my vocabulary, especially to you. But here we go.

It was a year full of ups and downs, falling and getting back up, I think my mindset was never tested as much, but I am also happier than ever.

And even though I am more focused on my client's results than my own, it was fun recording this and I can't wait to hear your responses. Hopefully this inspires you too to write down or maybe record your own 2022 wrapped.

Enjoy listening to the final episode of the year & in this format.

You can find the episode here.

Thanks for listening!
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