#11. 3 political tactics to help you grow your business!

Politics and business have a lot in common. I know this because I’ve been an active politician for 6 years. I wanted to make a difference and really connect with people. And although I managed to successfully do so, my heart lies with you, my entrepreneurial friend. 

As I look back on my political career, I can’t help but notice several similarities. The lessons I’ve learned as a politician still serve me today as a business coach. I am happy to share them with you to help you grow your business.

1.     Lobbying

Your first thought that pops up is probably about men in grey suits talking to each other in the hallway, right? It doesn’t have to be. Lobbying is the very base of your marketing strategy.

Start by doing some research. What does your ideal client want and need? You do this by listening to people. Once you know where their pains lie, you can start gaining their trust and convincing them of your value to solve that pain.

My main advice would be to always think of your client’s interest first. After that, you can make sure they know the ways in which you can positively affect their lives.

2.     Campaigning

Female presence in politics is still underwhelming. In most countries women still don’t represent 50% of our political leaders. Unfortunately, that trend continues in business. It’s still a very male-dominated world. Did you know that only 4% of seed money goes to female-led start-ups? 

Female representation is imperative in politics and business. We need to speak up about this problem. And yes, there will be some haters. But growth always comes with a little bit of discomfort.

I for one don’t mind taking a little bit of backlash if it means women get to take their rightful place in politics and business. That’s why my focus lies on female entrepreneurs. I want to empower them to think big!

Who’s with me?

3.     Claiming your role in society

It’s easy to forget about your successes when you have so much more you want to do. Let this be your reminder to celebrate what you’ve already accomplished, without losing your vision for the future.

Write your future self a letter. Think about what you’ve accomplished in 10 years and what impact you had on others.

Give yourself a big thank you for the lives you’ve changed, including your own.

Dare to choose your path and be courageous enough to change it along the way. (Be sure to check out my previous episode about how to pivot your business)

Do you need help to grow your business into the career you’ve always envisioned? Say no more!

Download my free Business Politics Guide right here and start treating your career like the business it is. Make the biggest impact you possibly can through exercises and practical insights.

I’ll be there every step of the way, but the results will be yours alone!

As Michelle Obama says it so beautifully: “Success is only enjoyable if it feels like your own”.

invest to harvest!

Big business

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You are in control of your business. 

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