#21 What your business needs besides you – Hire your first team member

You are fully booked, want to delegate some work and you need outside experience.

I've been an interim team manager before and it's such a different approach to be hiring your first team member in your business. You probably recognise this, if you've worked for an employer.

Every business is different so I can't really advice you exactly when to start delegating from this article, but I know most business owners start with hiring a virtual assistant, who is helping with technical assistance, invoices, customer service, content planning.

If you need more leads, ask someone who can help you in sales and marketing or write sales copy.
It is really dependent on what you and your business needs for this moment. If you are working with freelancers you are very free to decided to have someone on retainer, or to pay per job. Up to you.

What are the ten steps to hiring your first team member?

  1. have a clear job description
  2. answer to everyone who has submitted an application
  3. have a clear onboarding and celebrate them for being a part of your team
  4. start by creating a culture: what do you find important?
  5. create a clear process in working together
  6. check-in regularly if your team values the standard operating procedures you're using
  7. involve your team in your plans
  8. involve them and let them sample all your products/services. Think abundance
  9. Know when to say goodbye and have an open conversation about this
  10. Leave on good terms and thank them for their work

I've created a free leader guide for you, which will help you into a CEO-role in your business.

Oprah Winfrey said: Surround yourself with people who are only taking you higher.

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