#22 How to discover and show up as your inner CEO

Let's talk about visualising the life and business of your dreams, because I strongly believe that will make you reach your goals even faster.
There's two ways we can do that:
1. Channeling your inner CEO & what micro-upgrades you can do to get closer to that picture.
2. And understand what is stopping you now to become that CEO?

Today we're starting with a simple exercise:
Who is your inner CEO?
What does her (or his) day look like?
Maybe she is always freshly groomed, she likes to wear labels, has a beautiful office and knows exactly what to do every day.

How can you micro-upgrade into this CEO:
What is your idea for running your business? For instance, I want to start an agency with a friend of mine: we both want to have a big office, with happy people in our team and I find it very important to invest in their skills, knowledge and happiness.
My job is to think of: what can I do to make this happen? Currently I am investing a lot in my leadership skills, so when the time comes, I am ready.

Now I want to ask you: what is stopping you now from being her?
That's why I called my program Big Business, to not make yourself too small.

For the next exercise I want you to imagine what would your life be like if Oprah would interview you in 10 years time? What do you want the story to be to tell to Oprah? And what are the steps you have to take to get to that story?

There's a few things that could stop you from being your inner CEO and that you should definitely try to work on, starting today:
– imposter syndrome (write down why people want to work with you)
– intimidated by others (try to see the human side of this)
– it hasn't happened yet (what is the evidence in that?)

Working on these visualisations once every so often will help you reach your goals faster and it is my mission to help you create the life and business of your dreams.

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