#23 Raise your game by working on your Money Mindset

This is the first blog on money mindset, and whilst I really like this topic, I can't believe this is the first.
Today I am sharing 3 steps to work on your money mindset.

When I applied to my first course on money mindset I remember so many people telling me that working on my money mindset is bad, “I don't care about money and you shouldn't either”.
I was quite surprised that people would say that, because thinking you don't need money is not true, you need money to survive, to pay your bills, to pay your house, some fun things etc.

If you think working on a money mindset isn't a good idea, then do not read further.

So, having said that, happy you're still here and here's the 3 tips on working on your money mindset.

1. Taking care of money. Value what you have.
What are you spending your money on, where is it going, feeling gratitude for your money.
You're probably thinking: but I want to make money! Yes, you can, but first you should value money, I am very strongly convinced you should.
You can do a money date: checking on your accounts, what are you spending every month and seeing where your money goes and comes from.
Having a money date will help you understand money and if your money relationship is good, you will be able to receive more.
Also I would suggest to spend this money ‘on paper' – so that there's already a destination. Because if you already have a place for it, it's much easier to ask for it and to receive it.

2. Delete all of your emotions about money. Money is just a number, it's not a grade.
For me it's always been this way: depending on the number on my bank account, I would feel good or bad.
But your bankstatement doesn't define you. It could be an indicator that something in your business needs more attention, so it might be time for action.
Have a look at the blog of episode 19 on how to work on your sales plan.
If you have a plan for money coming in, you will be much more relaxed.

3. Making money
There's always ways to make money;
In your business; or sell your clothes, buying stocks, tax returns, cancel subscriptions.
Figure out ways to make more money.

All of my mindset episodes are about taking action, so here's 3 action steps:
– implement a money date in your monthly calendar
– create a salesplan, this will help you delete your emotions – listen to episode 19
– thinking of ways to make money: think of 5 ways to make money and take that action and go for it.

I've created a pricing guide for you, this will help you understand your value and maybe helps you to raise your prices.

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And I want to finish this blog with a quote by Michelle Obama: “Success isn't about how much money you make, it's about the difference you make in people's life.”

invest to harvest!

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