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#19. 5 steps to reach your ideal income in 2022

“Money, money, money! Must be funny…”
What do you think, shall we talk about money then? I am here to give you 5 steps that will help you reach your income goals of 2022. And that… with ease, my darling! It all starts with asking yourself the right questions. 

Let me start off with a disclaimer. It’s not too late to start making income plans or rewrite them. It’s all fine, let us take a look together at how you can handle this. 

1. What are your income goals? 

Remember the ‘good, better, and best budgets’ I talked about in episode 13? Here we see something similar. If you want to sum up your income goals, it’s best for you to divide them in the same 3 categories: ‘good, better, and best goals’. The good goal, for instance, is that you could pay your team, house, one holiday and/or that one fashionable designer dress you’ve been eyeing with that income. But you can go further, it would be your better goal if you want to go on holiday twice, expand your team even more or buy two designer dresses. To help you out with these goals, I created a budget template for you. Go take a look at it! 

2. What is your income now? 

The second step is an easy and short one. Look at your numbers and make the following conclusion: What income have you made so far? What income are you making right now? It’s important that you know the answers to these questions. Once you have this knowledge, put your income goals next to it. Is there a big gap between what you’re making and what your objectives are?   

3. How to meet your goals? 

When you have an overview of your current income streams and your goals, write above that all what your offer is. You can work in categories such as a low, medium and high offer. And think about how to price these. If you want more information on that matter, please read episode 13. I devoted a whole episode on how to price your offer, so go check that out (you won’t regret it, pinky swear!). Oh and if you’re there, don’t forget to download the free Pricing Guide

4. How much do you need to sell? 

The fourth step is hinged to the previous one. How much do you need to sell to reach your goals? Make a lead tracker that consists of all your hot leads. In other words, make a list (in Excel or Google Docs) of all the people you see as your potential clients.

It’s not only important to look at the amount you need to sell, but also: how much can you sell? If you work as a freelancer, you have a limited amount of time. So you need to keep in mind what is achievable. For instance, for me it’s only feasible to host my Master Mind Mastermind with a maximum of 10 people. 

5. What is the general state? 

For this last step you put all the information I talked about together and make a perfect overview of them. And ask yourself this last important question: Are my goals realistic? 

You can also start thinking about a sales plan for an offer you will drop in the near future. For example, you reach December and you need to think about your products or services for 2023. You can start banking with some clients already: ‘If you subscribe now to our program which starts in January, you can start for free’. And poof, you have them in your pockets! The sales plan also includes offering lead magnets such as free giveaways and creating several podcasts. You show your hot leads what you’re capable of and make them warm to buy your offers. 

Do you like what I’m talking about here? Good news! I have more in store for you because this is just a teeny tiny bit of what I can do for you. You can still apply for the Big Business Mastermind.

And as I always do,I need to end this blog with a beautiful quote. Today I’ll let Oprah work her magic: “You get in life what you have the courage to ask for.” 

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