#24 How to create a happier life? By taking radical responsibility

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Do you recognize this? Your life flies by, you’re always out of money, it feels like your life is being lived by others, you’re always starting over, you have no control in your situation, because of others, you are not enjoying each and every day, you are almost burned out.

For the past two years. I’ve worked on radical responsibility, because I didn’t want this anymore. And I am sharing my steps with you today – and I am a bit nervous.

A disclaimer at the beginning of this post: I am not talking about systematic disadvantages like racism, the law on abortion, female rights, lgbtqi rights etc, I think we should never forget the importance of activism as a reactionary statement. And sharing memes on twitter is not that – being an organizer is, like Alexandria Ocasia Cortez, Kim Kardashian, etc.

But I am talking about that there’s more in your hands than you think. 

You’re born alone, you’ll die alone – is what my mother used to say. Check out my first blogpost and episode number 2 of my podcast where I am introducing myself and talking about my upbringing: I had to be independent from a young age, but I was taking on a victim rol quite quickly.

  1. I was bad at learning: so there were no prospects for a good job
  2. My parents were no business owners: so I can’t do that
  3. I am from a broken family, so how can I get married?

I figured out that that is not the way to live my life.

Every time I am in a discussion with friends about their own or my personal situation and the conversation turns to:

  • Blaming social media 
  • Blaming capitalism
  • Blaming the system

I completely check out, because there's so much you can do in this life and I want to share my process and steps into Radical Responsibility.
First I stumbled upon the Circle of Influence and Circle of Concern, this model by Stephen Covy was one of the reasons why I quit politics, because I was completely unhappy in that role:

Knowing that you have influence on a certain aspect of life, will give you a very powerful feeling, it's a smaller circle and if you spent most of your days working in your influence, you will be happier. This model and how to apply this in your business and how to make an impact is also featured in my Big Business Mastermind.

The realisation that you are in control of most parts of your life is something that has helped me a lot and when this triggers you, you might be ready for it too. Admitting that you should do the work and changing and stepping out of your comfort zone can be quite hard, I get it.

I first looked at my surroundings: what went well, what didn’t? For this, I used the wheel of life model and wrote down 3 things that were important to me:

For example: I didn't want to have any more pain (I was having an injury in my leg and I just really thought I had to except this, but by filling this out, I realised I could do something about it.

My clients worked on this in the Big Business Big Life workshop, which will launch again in September, you can join the waitlist for a pre-order price. Anyway, my clients changed their job, bought a new car, were making laser sharp decisions in their business and it helped them be more happy, just because they went on and took themselves and their business more seriously and you can do this too.

You are going to be tired of the discussion that people can't do that, because you’ll notice life is not about blaming others. And this is… stepping out of your comfort zone, you can do everything on your own.

It’s one of the most liberating thoughts I’ve ever had and it has truly made me and the people in close proximity to me happier.

I want to close today's post with a quote by Depaak Chopra: Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, ask if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future.

And talk about happiness, do you know that feeling when you’re on holiday and you’re truly relaxing and are inspired and know exactly what to do? Then I have something for you: this summer my private podcast series “Your Summer Reset” launches for you to take summery glow into your business. The private episodes are all about self love in your business, implementing healthy habits for your body and mind and becoming a client magnet, because of your raised level of attraction. Waitlist is open now and you can enjoy a pre-order discount if you are on the waitlist. 

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You are in control of your business. 

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