#26 How to batch and repurpose your content for your summer holiday

Making content can be very time-consuming, but we can all agree you need it to attract new clients.
Are you getting up each morning, trying to find some time to scramble up a post, an email, a reel and not really sure what to post every day?
That’s no wonder, not everyday should be full of inspiration (hello day where I can do my admin) and you can really help yourself by starting to batch and repurpose your content. 

Because you don’t have to come up with new content each and everyday and I would love to help you on how I do it (and yes I sometimes still make my instagram posts on the day itself and I am creating my stories everyday myself, but I always kind of know what I will be talking about.) 

Let’s enjoy this summer and share all your lovely content with your followers without batting an eye!

The first step is: plan for a content brainstorm.
Focus on your ideal client, not your ego.
So think about what your client wants to hear, what is their pain, what do they yet enjoy about your content, which post gets more likes?

Write down all the topics you’re discussing in your offer, is it money mindset, business coaching, photography techniques, how to make money as an artist, and write down all the possible ways you can help them with your free content. 

I wouldn’t be too afraid to share everything you know, because that’s when people will see your true value.

The next step is, once you know all the topics to write copy for 3-4 posts on those topics.
Or maybe more in one go, it’s up to you.
This story has a hook (what makes them curious), middle part (explanation) and an ending, with a Call to action. 

And remember: you are not the hero, your client is.

Then you can decide which content can be made out of those 4 posts.
You can make a post, or maybe 3 posts, a reel, a video, maybe a podcast episode, a live, a blog, a Pinterest post, a LinkedIn post.
Don’t worry about people seeing your copy twice, this hardly happens.
You can create those reels all at the same day, maybe do an outfit change, maybe not.
And you don’t need pictures from a professional photo shoot all the time, my best performing posts are from very much ‘in the moment’ photos I took last week.

And the final step is to plan those posts 

Into your meta business manager, or by using sked (I am not using that, but heard great stories).

With these steps you will be able to enjoy this summer and worry about which bikini to wear in stead of which post to share.

Do you want to learn more about how to sell on social media? Do check out episode 18 of my podcast, where I am giving you 5 tips of making that content work for you.

Lastly I wanted to share a fitting quote from Oprah: “Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment.”

And to make your holiday a bit better and more intense, I’ve created something new for you, which is only available this summer: Your Summer Reset, a 7-day private podcast on how to make the most of your time off, to keep holding onto that holiday feeling all autumn long, because, you’ll want that summery glow in your business. In the private podcast series I am taking you on a journey to create that summer feeling. It will be 7 days/ 7 episodes of summer feelings and how to hold onto that, I am so much looking forward to creating this on MY holiday for you <3.

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