#030 Sarah’s Update: Why I wanted to quit my business in April and what helped me get back up

Now that covid is a bit easier, I get to see so many people live again and I always try to listen to the question they’re asking (or the comments they’re making on my pivot. And most of the time the response is like: I didn’t know it was like this for you, or I didn’t know you officially started coaching since March.
So I thought, you know what, I am going to create an episode about this.

As you might know, I was doing a lot of interim work for different kinds of organisations in the non-profit sector, mostly in arts & culture or human rights. I loved doing it, as an interim manager you help organisations grow and change their business and I often was a team leader for a short period of time. So after my job was done, I left for a new organisation that needed some support. 

Once covid hit I lost 60-80k of income, and the year wasn’t even filled yet, I calculated I would hit my second 6-figure year. But of course we all know what happened, I lost all of the clients and was actually quite depressed. Some people stood up and fixed things, I didn’t, because frankly I worked so hard in 2019 for my first 6-figure year I really wanted to take it easy, but not as easy as covid told us all of course. 

In 2020 I was contemplating, luckily I had a lot of money on the bank, on what I should be doing, an MBA or maybe a business coach, because I knew my freelance work wasn’t a safe income stream (it never is actually, let that sink in). 

At the end of the year I landed 3 clients in the tech and online space and I was working again and I decided to work on business coaching. First at a not so great coach, but my real first coach, Amy, listen to episode 25, helped me a lot. In December 2022 I quit freelancing, I hit my 130k year and I was very very happy about it, but I pivotted and changed everything: my offer, my ideal clients. In November 21 I did a pilot with my goal setting course, including private coaching, but my first coaching clients could work with me from March 22 on. 

In April 22 I wanted to quit, but my other coach, Melissa (#27) helped me to push forward and continue. And May was my best month yet, when I did my launch + sales challenge with myself (and later on shared it with you on instagram)

In June I attracted loads of corporate clients which will probably all bank in August (I am recording this on July 20th), but it is just incredible to see that only in a few months time I am back on my old schedule again and I know it will be better from here. 

But make no mistake, you do need a big sales strategy, some savings and a lot of skills before making your pivot and that’s why I created the Big Business course, to help you do the same. To help you a bit with a free download, I created a professionally personal plan for you: shownotes.

Monday the pre-order for the Big Business Mastermind doors close and it’s a great deal. You can send in your application now and I will review it, once I read it, I will contact you to see if you’re a fit. So there’s no strings attached until you actually bought the program.

invest to harvest!

Big business

Do you want to take charge of your (freelance) business and be in control of your revenue, clients and your offer? 

You are in control of your business. 

I’ve created a form in which we can see if you are going to be a fit for one of my programs. Filling this out won’t mean you have to buy, this is just seeing if we can work together.

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