#32 My coachee Paulien is truly opening up about her business

My coachees are opening up! This summer I was thinking how much they've changed and I asked my coachees if they wanted to join my podcast and they did!

Paulien Kluver shares:

  • How to choose a creative profession
  • How to take that leap to start your business & taking that next step
  • How to run your creative business
  • How you can always do a second pivot in your business
  • How she discovered she should raise her prices
  • Why sales is becoming less and less daunting every day for her
  • How she’s juggling being a mother and business owner
    + she shares an insight she’s had this summer to make this a bit easier for herself and her family

Do you want to be a part of the next round of the Mastermind? 

The Mastermind starts on September 20th and there’s still 6 spots left.

Currently I am running an Early Bird bonus which means: 250 euro discount + a bonus training of how I launched my first Mastermind.

I am sharing my real numbers, resources, mindset blocks and much more.

Paulien's instagram (send her a message)
My instagram (curious too)

invest to harvest!

Big business

Do you want to take charge of your (freelance) business and be in control of your revenue, clients and your offer? 

You are in control of your business. 

I’ve created a form in which we can see if you are going to be a fit for one of my programs. Filling this out won’t mean you have to buy, this is just seeing if we can work together.

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