#035 Need more clients? Steal my sales method!

So you know I pivoted my business from an interim manager to a business coach back in January 2022. I had saved up a lot of money, because I knew that I needed time and money to invest in my pivot. 

Also my word for this year is comfort: so I want to pivot, but not work my ass off (that’s what I did the year before that to make all that money for the savings).

So having an entirely new business model, a new client group and spending maximum 30 hours per week on my business, was a big challenge. And at one point back in March I realised: I need to change my strategy. Money was coming in, but not as much as I hoped, so I needed a plan. I implemented this in April and since then I made at least 10k months from May on. 

  • Spilling all the dirty details with you in this article.

So aside from having a bank account that was running out, my mindset was absolutely not in place. So I needed a strategic mindset plan:

  • I had to believe in my product
  • stepped into the possibility that it was already happening for me, this is exactly the path i should take
  • and then the most golden thing i did for myself was to get out there and talk to 10 people everyday – I created my very own sales challenge.

So the thing with this was, that i did not talk to anyone before. 

I don’t know exactly why, maybe I was too shy to show up, but once I did talk to people, I could adjust my brand messaging very easily. By having a conversation instead of a sales pitch, I was understanding my client’s niche better, which helped me make my product even better. 

So in April I spoke to 10 people everyday and so I spoke to 250 people in total. Also I was following up on other messages I had sent before. Being able to show up and to have that conversation really has made my business better. And now that I am saying this, I have to admit I need to challenge myself a bit more again, so if you want to join my challenge until the next podcast, so 1 week, to speak to 10 new people everyday.

My main focus was instagram, but now it’s starting to be on LinkedIn more, which recently gained 150 new followers, because I posted on LinkedIn every day since the beginning of August.

So how should you get about?

You can steal my 3-day sales challenge method right here:

1. What is your income goal this month?

2. How much of what do you need to sell? Let’s say: 1 high tier, 2 medium tier and 3 low tier.

3. Make a list of 30 people you want to contact and think of which offer fits them.

4. Contact 10 people everyday: today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

5. Ask how they are doing and try to discover the transformation they desire

Maybe you are having a perfect offer for them, but maybe they desire an under the counter offer, something that you’re not promoting, but which is available for their needs. 

And lastly I want to ask you:

6. What is stopping you right now from reaching your sales goal? Journal on that!

How much time do you want to spend on contacting people?


1. Use your lead tracker to check on your leads (taking the emotion out of your business)

2. If you find this creepy, go back to that mindset exercise I just shared with you.

3. Show a genuine interest, selling = building relationships

4. If you've had a sales call, do not forget to Follow-up quickly: 24/48 hours after the sales call

5. Imagine: what’s the worst that could happen? And can you upsell/downsell/crossell?

6. Also do not forget to ask for testimonials: you are building a tribe, let’s not forget that, showing what you have to offer from other people’s eyes.

This = not chasing, but finding your ideal client you want to work with. It does get easier everyday when you’re doing this.

And then: Receiving objections from your future clients is inevitable in every sales process.

Instead of sending that break-up email once you hear one objection, hear me out:

Listen to the objection

Acknowledge the objection

Discover more by asking questions

Respond with a solution

Common objections are:

– lack of budget

– lack of trust

– lack of need

– lack of urgency

– lack of budget – provide worth

– lack of trust – work on your niche authority

– lack of need – dive a bit deeper into the pain

– lack of urgency – maybe they’re right, maybe you didn’t dig deep enough.

Do you desire to work more on your strategy?
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