#45 5 mistakes you want to avoid when running your business

For this week's newsletter and episode I wanted to look back and think about how the past year went and one of the things I thought might help you: are naming the things that did NOT go well.

So, don't do this when you are just starting or pivoting your business:

1. Create your logo, website and ‘cover image' first
Yes, starting a personal brand is important to stand out, but the most important part of your business is to get clients first.

2. Do not test before you launch
I wish I knew this before, but to actually see if people need your product or service is making it so much easier to launch

3. Have just one offer and be rigid about it
When you're just starting out, you have just one offer probably, look at how you can ‘cut your offer up' so that you can help others faster (back to point 1)

4. Have a short term vision
It is so easy to be stressed about ‘next month', but actually it's not about that. Focus on 2-5 years in advance: where do you want to be? That way, you won't sweat the small stuff. Hello CEO!

5. Do not get any help from others and do everything by yourself.
I did get a lot of help to re-build my business and people did really help me, but I just really wanted to get help from someone who has had similar experience like I did. Keep on looking, your coach, team or CFO is out there!

You can listen the entire episode, including some *cringe* moments from my business here:

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