#056 Truly finding your why – because it’s very difficult to actually do it

Finding your why makes you stand out from a rowdy crowd of other businesses, but finding your why can be quite difficult. The importance of finding your ‘why' is coming from Simon Sinek's theory of that all successful brands are successful because they start with why:

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Most people have no idea why they're doing what they're doing other than: this is what I studied, or I was just asked by this client to do this job for them. And that makes it very hard for them to actually run their business on their terms. Because what are those terms?

Finding your why helps you focus & enjoy your business more

So what exactly is your why? Simon Sinek argues that every business knows their what.

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For instance: “We just happen to make computers as our products.” A smaller percentage knows their how: “The way we do this is by making products that are easy to use, elegant, and well designed.” And an even smaller percentage of businesses knows their why: “We think differently. We want to challenge the status quo.”

Now read the 3 phrases upside down and discover Apple's why. How is this for your business? Do you have a clear idea of your why and is this where you start? Why is it what you do so important? This week in my Mastermind my client had the breakthrough that the thing she was telling herself about her current clients were not aligned with her why. This actually is a process, it is very hard. Here's how I helped her with a few extra notes on how to find her why: 1. Be as narrow as you can in your why at the start. You can always expand once you're growing. 2. Start with your dream clients first; why do you want to help them? 3. If you would have all the time and money in the world, what would you like to work on and why? 4. Remember: you don't have to change your entire business tomorrow, know that you're always building (also once you've reached 10mio in business ;-). 5. Start to actually do the thing, once you're starting and learning from what you're doing, you will find your niche and your why much better. So now you can do this for your own business too, what's your why and do you want to share it with me by hitting reply?

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I'm answering another one of the questions coming up in the Mastermind on how to figure out is her new product or service is going to sell, also I'm helping one of the members for the audience with her choice to quit her job yes or no & I have a question for you on social media and why it's actually good for you.

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