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#035 Need more clients? Steal my sales method!

So you know I pivoted my business from an interim manager to a business coach back in January 2022. I had saved up a lot …

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#34 How to ask for the right price?

How to ask for the right price as a freelancer? Or more specifically: a freelance musician. For this week's episode I am interviewing the founder …

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#33 Let's talk about fun-feminism

In this blog we’re talking about different ideas of feminism, how to apply this into your business and your career and I am introducing a …

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#32 My coachee Paulien is truly opening up about her business

My coachees are opening up! This summer I was thinking how much they've changed and I asked my coachees if they wanted to join my …

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#031 5 steps to kill it your next launch

Why would you launch your offer? You can always run your programs evergreen, but launching will help you create more urgency and you’re actually helping …

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#030 Sarah's Update: Why I wanted to quit my business in April and what helped me get back up

Now that covid is a bit easier, I get to see so many people live again and I always try to listen to the question …

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#29 Create an offer no one can refuse – your product tree

Your most important asset in your business isn’t your mindset, isn’t the money on your bank account, but is your OFFER.  There I said it, …

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#28 How my clients got to buy their dream car, re-structured their team & got more clients

As I am recording this, it is still right before my Ibiza holiday, but this episode will be released on August 4th, just a few …

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#27 Melissa Lin on sales, mindset and pivoting your career

If you are thinking of pivoting (a part of) your career or business, this episode might be a true inspiration for you. Because no matter …

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