#060 Part 2 of how AI can change your entire business – open this when your afraid AI is gonna take over your work#060

After last week's article I received so much positive feedback and also my love for AI hasn't disappeared all of a sudden, so time for part 2!

In fact, when I started writing this email on Monday, GPT-4 was released just Tuesday evening (and I wrap up writing this email on Wednesdays at 3PM), so loads of last minute updates here.In this week's newsletter I'm sharing the best chat prompts you can use for your business and honestly this is GOLD.

Once again: I am convinced AI is gonna change the world just like internet did.

Remember that?

Only it's gonna be a lot faster.

So hold on to your hat, because that open mind will need some protecting ;-).

Playing around with ChatGPT is fun, like we did last week, but now we're gonna use some serious prompts, which you can apply in your business, for instance when you are:

1. Creating contentPrompt (which you can copy for your own business):

Create a content table for linkedin for the upcoming week. Column 1: This contains all the dates from March 20th 2023 – March 27th 2023 including days. Column 2: write about different aspects of scaling a business from being a freelancer to becoming a solopreneur with multiple income streams, both online and offline such as books, workshops, podcasts, paid newsletters and how much time people need to spend on it. Column 3: Create 3 hashtags per post that are suitable for linkedin. Column 4: share a suggestion for an image that I can use for that post.

This is what GPT-4 has done for me:If I want to dive deeper, I ask:

Can you create a social media post on The Benefits of Scaling Your Business as an experienced Freelancer. I want the text to be informative and to be as elaborate of the tips as possible, I do not want to hold back any free advice.
And you can go on and on and on getting exactly what you want.

Let's continue to the next prompt.

2. Sales Calls closing

Chat prompt: Can you create a sales call structure that helps me land more clients in my online coaching business, which is focused on making my clients win and not just let them do all the work, but really coaching them until they've reached what they desire?
3. Ditch your hourly rates – create packages
Prompt: How can I create packages for my business? I am a physical therapist and working with insured people, in the Netherlands, how can I provide more help to my clients, without creating the idea that I'm using my clients to get more money, but to help them + make a better profit.And I was happy to receive this answer, because I know as a coach I can still provide a lot of value to my client, because my Big Business program is all about step 0, which I am revealing in this week's podcast episode (smooth, right?).

The episode is written by GPT-3 for about 80% and the other 20 was still me, myself and I.
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So, AI is gonna change our lives, GPT-4 is going to make it much easier, you can even get on the waitlist to get an API for your very own online business (currently a bridge too far for me).

WOW, this is only the beginning!

And if you liked this and want to play around with this in a group, I want to facilitate this to make it a lot more easy for you.

The first 5 people to subscribe receive the training for free.

When the waitlist hits 20 people, I'm gonna create and sell it,
the training will cost 11 euro, not too much.

And there's no strings!

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Happening in my business this week:

Spent a lot of time on GPT-4 and playing around with it. And shared so much of this with my clients and how it influences their business as well.I was visiting a 2-day coaching event with MY coach and I love that so much, to gain more clarity in my business, more on that very soon.

Welcoming new private clients these weeks, happy to help them with sales, leverage their knowledge and create a business for THEM.

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