#066 How to secure cash injections for your business

Help, how do I get more money?

Sometimes I’m getting this question from one of my clients and I actually love it when I get this question for 2 reasons:

1. It means they’re open about money and how it’s going in their business and they’re honest to themselves (and me);

2. It’s an opportunity for them to see the magic of sales, because it is almost like waiving your magic wand.

When I’m looking at all my clients, once they put their energy towards sales, they will sell.

So how to get cash quickly?

Having an honest money conversation with yourself, opens a lot of doors

And for the record: you know I am not one for getting rich quick schemes and I’m all in it for the long term, but sometimes there’s also a lot of money being left at the table.

So here’s a 3-step process to inject your business with some extra cash:

  1. First start with setting a target: how much money do you need? What do you need to sell to get that target? So let’s say you finally want to create a buffer of 10.000 euro, so that you’re never in trouble once you’re not able to work for a while. How much do you need to sell, is it one freelance service of 10.000 euro for a client? Is it selling one of your artworks for 10.000 euro? Is it 5 speaking gigs? Is it 12 online programs? Whatever it is, WRITE IT DOWN, don’t just think what could be, but actually write it down. Also write down how time you give yourself: 1 week, a month?
  2. Hot audience first
    As you may know it’s much easier and it costs much less to sell to people who are ‘hot’ in your audience. They’re used to working with you and they know you’ll offer the quality, hopefully.

There’s a few groups of hot audience:

Your current clients
Your past clients
Your audience

3. Plan sales calls 
Actually do plan sales conversations with your hot audience; do not wait for them to take the first step, you are in charge.

In those sales conversations, have a genuine interest in their desires, write this down and really talk to them.
And after those sales calls, do not forget to follow-up, help them make a great decision by buying from you. And maybe you’ve had some sales calls in the past that didn’t convert yet, but that actually could convert today, because your prospect might be more ready than ever!

The more comfortable you get in creating this 3-step sales process, the easier it gets. The very first sales conversation I ever had was super cringe-worthy, but you will get better in time, I know for a fact!

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