#067 The 3 things I learned from working with small business owners for over a year now

I've been working over 1 year in the business coaching industry and I wanted to share with you the common thread I'm seeing in everyone's business and what I've learned from that.

I’m hoping that these lessons will help you and your business as well.

This advice should be taken and adapted to your specific situation rather than followed blindly. But it could help you discover some of your blind spots.

Learn from your peers instead of turning a blind eye

1. The 100.000 euro a year- myth
Ah, the magic number.
And we all are lead to believe that this is the holy grail.

I do believe in setting targets, I do believe in challenging yourself, but before we're diving into this, we should talk about WHY you want to make this amount of money.

Rather than chasing a dream of others (a big car, a designer bag), I want to ask you, why do you want that?

Is it to help yourselfothers, your clientsto be an example, want to proof it to yourself? What is it that you need from that?

If you can answer that question with confidence, then you're seriously halfway towards reaching that goal.

And as a result, you will become the best version of yourself, not someone else.

2. Action = reaction
My aim for working with my clients is to let them take action before making all the plans and working out every detail, this week's podcast is all about that.

We can talk for days, weeks, months about your mindset, your business plan, your obstacles…
The biggest lesson you will learn is from putting it into practice and then create a plan for the REACTION after you've taken action.

3. You are already enough
The point of running a business, or being on a self development journey is not to ‘fix' you, but it is to make yourself a better version of who you are.

You might be feeling not ‘good enough', because you just weren't using the right strategy. Boost your confidence by working with the right people, ask the right people who are a few steps ahead of you to help you and GIVE yourself the opportunity to grow.

In this week's podcast

One of my Mastermind clients came up to me and said that someone approached her and asked her to do something she didn't offer (yet).
So we looked at her specific situation. In this episode I'm sharing what you can do in this case and I'm sharing 3 tips on how to work on this.

Also, I'm sharing with one of the people from the audience how he can run a profitable business being diagnosed with ADHD.
I'm sharing 3 tips how he can streamline all different parts in his business:

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Happening in my business this week:

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The responses from the 3rd round were:

“I've gained loads of confidence for my business and I'm seeing opportunity and leveraging opportunity in everything that's coming my way, without hitting a burn-out”

“I'm seeing the value in constantly 
auto-auditing my own business, there's so much I can do to make it better and to really OWN IT

“I've made the decision to only work with 
clients that serve ME as well as I serve them. I needed the Mastermind to create the tools to make sure I can run a very profitable business”

Do you want this for your business too?

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Thank you and see you next week!



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