#069 The key to going from 8 to 6 hour workdays is inside this article

Today we're talking about the importance of implementing processes.

And before you go, I want to share why I believe this applies to you too:

If you believe that you shouldn't look into your business or work processes ‘just' because you're a freelancer, a solopreneur or a professional, you are probably wrong 😃.

Looking at your work or business from a ‘process'-point of view will help you be more creative in your work, which will help you focus on the human side of your job.

Especially now that AI has entered almost every arena of our lives, it is even more clear that you as a human have so much more to offer than to do a job a computer can do.Focus on what a tool can do and you will stop being a ‘tool' in your business.As you may know, last year I experimented with a 6-hour workday and currently I'm hoping to eliminate that to 4 days instead of 5 days a week.

These changes don't happen because I keep doing what I'm doing.

One of the reasons I can do this, is because I have clear processes (without having a team) in my business.

So how to implement this in yours?

Start by thinking of different parts of your business you want to processify, for example:

1. Planning a meeting.
Try to log all the time you're spending on planning a meeting, emails back and forth, cancellations etc, whilst you can use a very easy tool which does the planning for you.

Most of my clients have integrated Calendly in their daily practise now. Unfortunately they don't have an affiliate program, else I would be rich, very big fan of this!

2. Sales process
Take a look at your sales process, how many steps does your future client have to take to actually work with you?
First they send you a message, then fill out a form, then a sales call, then a proposal, then a second version of the proposal, then another call, etc etc.
Can you reduce the number of steps, or at least write down every step and see how you can make it better?

3. Email
For one day, see how often you are active in your inbox, which kinds of emails you are answering immediately and which you don't, how much time do you spent removing spam, how much time do you spend answering an email, how often do you read an email before you're answering it?
You can create a simple process for yourself in which you're eliminating a few tasks.

And there's a few more processes that come to mind:

4. Answering frequently asked questions
5. Client onboarding
6. Team meetings
7. Creating a new program
8. Launching

Start with the one you're working on the most and then work your way down. It's so much fun creating processes that make you dispensable in your business.Lastly: We're no robots and we're not working like a robot, so be human and take time to dally and dream, because good ideas come from a relaxed mind.Enjoy creating a Human Business!In this week's podcastIf 1 person found you and wants to work with you, we can also turn those into 10 or 100, 1000, 10.000 and more.

This question was coming in from multiple clients, they know there’s more out there, but how to get there?

In this week's episode I’m helping you find the way to leverage your business.

With my clients, we always first look at their offer (episode 63), if they like it.

But then, and I haven’t spoken about this before on the podcast, we’ll also look at something different. Tune in to hear more on what and how:

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Happening in my business this week:

1. My Big Business Club has started
My one-year invite only club has started, once you've graduated from the Mastermind, you receive an invitation to enter.

The Club-members are working on a deeper dive in their business: how can they make themselves dispensable, how can they grow a team, how can they ONLY work with clients they want, how can they further build their community?

I love this level-up for my clients and already one week in, they're doing so well.

2. My Big Business Mastermind is a rolling Mastermind
Clients are enrolling in my 3-month program to set up their business for succes. I spoke to one of my clients who just had her onboarding call and I'm very much looking forward to crafting the final 15 years of her business and really do it her way.

The Mastermind is now a ROLLING Mastermind, which means you can step in anytime, I will probably write a newsletter about this soon, because I want to share my decision process with you to show that you don't have to hold onto rigid ideas in your business (like my launches were).

3. The Big Business Booze is next week
Very much looking forward to connecting live with my clients on Friday next week, very much looking forward to seeing them in-person and also for them to meet each other. I am sure it's gonna be a blast.

So much more to come, I will share more the upcoming weeks.

Thanks again for reading and take care!

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