#070 I can’t wait, for the weekend to begin / Thank God it’s (almost) Friday

Recognise this? You're working hard the entire week, but after the week is over, you're tired.
And you need to rest in the weekend and re-charge and then Monday you're starting over again.
Same goes for holidays, you rush to meet deadlines, get sick and then rest.

This is called Leisure Sickness and this is a real thing, in the link there's a summary to a 2002 study.

Why is it that we are doing this to ourselves?
Is it because we need to ‘feel' like we're working hard?
Or is it because we think people expect this of us?
Or is it because you're doing the job of 2 people?

In this newsletter I'm sharing a conversation I had with a client on Monday and how I helped her (and you too).

Having a balanced week, makes for a balanced weekend

Monday I spoke to one of my clients and she told me that she was coming back from a rough couple of weeks.
She told me she was running around, not taking time for herself and feeling guilty to work during her children's holiday.

This particular client is someone who takes her downtime really seriously, she loves to journal and meditate from time to time, because she knows it gives her a lot of energy.

In our conversation I figured out she only worked on this in times when it's ‘needed'. And I believe this is where I can help her.
Self care is maintenance work for everyday.

If you don't have time to do yoga, it's probably time to do yoga” a friend of mine told me once (not a yoga-fan, but for the sake of the conversation I wanted to drop in the quote).

So, carving out the time for yourself to do things that are important for your mental and physical health is a necessity.

This could be either:
* Every morning: 10 minutes of journalling or meditating
* Every evening: wrapping up your day and focusing on what went well, what could be better and what energy you want to bring to tomorrow
* Every week: 2 hours of deep work on your self care / long term plan for your life and business / visit a therapist / go to yoga / get a massage.
* Every month: a day of doing stuff you love, just for you, nobody else.

After my client's conversation on Monday, I came up with an audioprogram for her to motivate her into working on her mindset for an entire month, she and all my Big Business Mastermind & Club clients will receive this for free.

And I'm opening up the training to you as well.
For only 44 euro you can join in for one month (June 1st – June 30th) of audio trainings that will help you craft what works best for you.

We'll start 1st of June:

Join Mindset Motivation now!

In this week's podcast

Today we have an exciting topic to discuss – the decision to hire a team member. It's a pivotal moment in any solopreneur's journey, and it can bring about significant changes to their business.

We'll explore three compelling reasons why a solopreneur should consider hiring a team member, followed by three reasons when it might not be the right time.

There's also a question coming in from the audience on how I would start over as a freelancer, what I would do.

And to wrap it up, there's a question for you, considering your (future) team.

Join the 20-minute podcast here:

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Happening in my business this week:

1. Tomorrow I'll be hosting a client's get-together, the gifts are getting ready and hopefully everything I've ordered will arrive on time.

2. I've created the Motivation Mindset program, but there's more to come, a new ROYAL RETREAT this summer, a sales challenge and some private coaching opportunities. I will reveal all of this in the next newsletters.

3. I'm preparing for my US trip, which means: batching podcasts, social media posts, inform all my clients, and also batch…these newsletters! No worries, they will be really good!

Have a great rest of your week and see you again soon!



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