#071 What 70 consecutive weeks of podcasts and newsletters have done for my business & how I managed to publish every week

A couple of days ago, I was in a call with a client and she wants to start a podcast, but she's afraid to quit after 3 episodes.

You might recognise being very exited to start something new, be it a podcast, a newsletter, a blog, an instagram live, reading one business book a week, but at some point you just quit.

And I recognise this too.

I believe there's absolutely no shame in quitting, I actually think it's very healthy to quit something you don't like or if something doesn't work.

But if you know consistency can mean a great deal to your business, simply because others (in this case, me) are telling you, it might be worth discovering what you want to put out there.

Do something you love and make it bigger

Being consistent is very much about mindset, but also very much about systems.
Because if you're just letting your mood decide your level of consistency, you're making it very hard for yourself.

So how did I set myself up for 70 consecutive episodes and newsletters?

1. I chose something that I loved.
And to discover this, I was thinking about what I loved doing as a child. I was always writing: short stories, poems, diary entries, plans, letters, always putting my thoughts on paper.
And I loved ‘playing radio‘ on my cassette deck (rec + play).
So a newsletter and podcast it is (I would start with one thing).

It is so much easier to do something you love than doing something you think you must do.

2. I want to treat my business like a media-outlet
The way we're thinking, the way we behave, the things we talk about is influenced by what the media tells us.
Because of this, I wanted to create a ‘media-shop', where people could turn to for information and the latest news and insights on running a solopreneur business.

3. I want to build trust
In order to build trust, I heard one of my coaches say she was publishing her podcasts consistently, like it was someone's favorite soap opera, in that way you can warm people up for the episode to come, or for the newsletter to come.
Thursday morning: an email from Sarah:

4. I have created a system
Even though I am writing and publishing my newsletter and podcast weekly, I do know how to batch.
And I'm gonna have to do that soon again in preparation for my US trip.
Long form content like a newsletter or a podcast provides for a lot of social media short form content, so I'm repurposing many posts.
I believe that with just the past 70 episodes I can create social media posts for the upcoming yeardaily.…(EUREKA!)

If you want to see how you can implement a system for content for yourself, you can purchase my 1-hour training Converting Content at 33 euro.

The reasons why the podcast and newsletter has helped me tremendously:

1. It helps me qualify my leads
If someone approaches me on LinkedIn says they want to work with me and have a cup of coffee, I first ask some questions and reply with a suggestion for a podcast episode that might fit their needs.
If they like my approach, then I'll be ready to have a 30 min zoom on if we could work together.

2. It helps me nurture my current clients
I know my clients are listening to my podcast every week. We do not discuss this elaborately, but sometimes they're referencing my podcast and know exactly what I'm talking about (and often I forget what I talk about in the podcast and I'm quite surprised…).

3. It helps my ‘find my voice' and sharpen my method
After every episode I receive comments and further questions from listeners or my clients. Because of these questions I know what the demand is and what fits me and my beliefs in business.

And the thing I am still very afraid of:

4. You don't know who's listening and what they think of you.
When I'm seeing that my 4th episode is being listened to, I'm like: stooop, do not start there, but I know that's my ego talking ;-).

6 months ago, I created a podcast on how to start your very own podcast, you can listen to it here.

In this week's podcast

This week I'm hosting a masterclass for the Dutch Freelance Online Marketeers Community and I am so exited about what I'm sharing, I've created a podcast episode specifically on what I'll discuss.

We're talking about my favorite topic: sales.

Specifically for freelancers, it can be difficult to fill up your pipeline.
Because you never know when someone needs you and you might be full.
I'm spilling all the juicy details of what I'm teaching them and how you can fill up your pipeline too!

Listen on Youtube
Listen on Spotify

Do you have a question for me for on the podcast?
It's really easy to submit yours!

Submit your question here

Happening in my business this week:

  1. Friday Night I hosted the very first Big Business Booze (clients only). It was a great evening where new connections were made. Definitely going to repeat this!
  2. I also launched a new event: Royal Retreat Regal Waters, invitation only. If you want to receive an invitation, reply to this email.
  3. This morning I'm hosting a training at the Freelance Online Marketeers Community Online Kracht. About how to fill up your pipeline as a freelancer.

Have a great Thursday and see you next week!



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