#072 Color Coding your Calendar

There is something serene and playful about color coding your calendar. In this email I'm sharing how I do it and how you can do this too.

Time is our most valuable asset, so why not have some fun in creating a fun experience everytime you're looking at your calendar?

Like it or not: your calendar reflects who you are.

So where do you start?
If you're using ICal it's very easy, you create an agenda for each part of your life and business.

So what you can do is, create an agenda for:
1. Deep work
2. Meetings
3. Hitting the gym
4. Things you do in your free time

This is my calendar in a random week in July, I've just opened up my private coaching calendar, so there will be a few more calls coming in, but this is about it:

Yellow for gym, blue for deep work, red for calls with different coaching containers, purple for all things free time, yellow for travel.

So now it is time to look at your ideal week: try to track when you are ready to take on many meetings and when you actually want to dive back into bed.

After weeks of analyzing, to me, it came down to this:

I really need some time to get up to steam, I want this day to be super easy and to do loads of deep work.
And I love connecting with my Big Business Club members on Monday, because we'll be talking strategy and I really truly love doing that (super easy for me).

Is my ‘on fire' day. On this day I want to create as much content as I can and I love doing as many calls as possible.


Is my final ‘on fire day' – this is usually the deadline for my newsletter and podcast and guess on which day I'm writing this newsletter…

I'm going back to taking it easy again, doing some more deepwork like on Monday, planning a few calls, but no more rushing

I hardly plan anything on Friday; this is when the magic happens (or not). I think for the past 20 weeks, I took 15 Fridays off. (I'm trying to limit my 6-hour workdays to a maximum of 4 days a week).

And I never work on the weekend.

Another way to take more control of your calendar is to only plan meetings using Calendly.
I've copied my Calendly availability for July.
Figuring out what worked best for me, took some practice, because I wanted to know what worked best for me, but here it is:

I do not want to take any calls before 11AM, because I really respect my morning routine and I am most productive in the morning for doing deep work and I don't take calls on Monday and Friday. And sometimes I make an exception of course.

And there's so much more you can do with Calendly:

My sales calls are maximum 30 minutes and before I am sending my calendly link to anybody, I first really want to know if this person is qualified as a possible client or not, I am not wasting my time on people who want to take calls with any business coach and then choose.

But there's more: One of my very busy clients is only taking on 15 minute meetings and this is what one of her clients told her:

Your clients, co-workers, partners, etc will love using Calendly to connect with you.

So for the upcoming days, play around with your calendar and if you dare, you can share yours with me in reply to this email, I love seeing how other people are planning their weeks!

In this week's podcast

mindset episode this time and I don't know what it is, but sometimes I am really fired up to record. Probably because I really believe in it. This week we're talking about the one thing that will keep you motivated in life and business or your career and how you can easily apply this in your life too.

Also I'm answering a question from my audience on how to drive more people to your in-person event and the answer might surprise you (Chattie did not suggest what I was about to say 😉

You can listen to it here and I'm always curious to your thoughts on this:

Listen on Youtube
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Do you have a question for me on the podcast?
It's really easy to submit yours:

Submit your question here

Happening in my business this week:

  1. This week I've been a bit off posting content, which is almost for the first time in a long time. It's okay, I'm taking the human approach and be kind to myself, so if you're following me, loads more to come.
  2. It's one of the final weeks before my holiday/workation and I'm preparing and batching everything, like my podcast and also my program Motivation Mindset, a program that helps you see more for yourself in your life, business and career and only priced at 44 euro, you can still join.
  3. My Mastermind is open, if you're interested in creating the business of your dreams, you are very welcome to fill out the application through this link and maybe I'm able to help you.

Hester's update today in which she's announcing being back to being a fulltime entrepreneur now and recommending the Big Business program to anyone who is ready for their next step in business, thank you Hester! (And check her profile here)

Have a great week and see you next week!



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