Are you reflecting back something to people that they do not recognize?

Today we're talking about why it's hard to pivot in your business or career and why we're staying away from a hard decision.

It's okay to not make the pivot right away, or never.
I'm not forcing you to follow your dreams immediately or ever.
But I do want to invite you to be conscious about your decision of ‘not now' or never.

And there's a big difference ;-).

Most people decide to never think about this or never ever consider they could make their lives better.
I was too, more on that later.

Choosing for your best life is the opposite of egoism.

1. When you decide to pivot, whether it's changing your business/career or it's about lifestyle choices for instance improving your health or anything else, you want to have 1 or 2 people you want to share your journey with.
I did this right at the beginning from pivoting from interim manager & politician to coach, I had 3 friends and my husband with whom I shared all my ups & downs.

2. When you're deciding to share your journey online, for a bigger group of people, be very aware that you might receive some backlash from people you don't know, but also from some of your friends.

This hurts, but knowing that it's not your fault and problem, might soothe the situation a bit and I want to share a quote from Oprah I recently saw appear online:

People don't always like you.
And they're not always happy for you.
And if you surround yourself with people who are not accustom to your success, they become 
fearful and they become scared.
Because you're 
reflecting back something to them that they do not recognize.
Now, they're not gonna say, you know I'm very fearful, because you are reflecting back to me something I don't recognize.
They're going to say:
Who she think she is?
That only happens when you're around people, who do not 
mean and want and aspire to the best for you.

Sometimes a pivot in your life can make that you see things clearly and that you have to say goodbye to old habits, friends, behaviors, etc.

3. When this happens, remind yourself of all the people you ARE helping.
It's so much easier to think of all the negative voices around us (darn, why are our brains wired that way?), but train yourself to focus on the positive vibes only. When I was just starting out, I would have a folder in my photography album on my iphone called ‘panick button' when I heard people where talking behing my back and in that folder I collected all the great reviews and messages of clients and I trained myself I was good.
Find a way that works for you too.

Growth is not lineair, growth is always a bit difficult, but in the end you're going to be so grateful.

I wish you all the best in making the right decisions for yourself this week to see what's out there for you.
I was very unaware of all the possibilities for me anyway.
So if you're curious about my journey which started 2,5 years ago, you can listen to a very nice interview I had with Life Design Coach Monique Bastinck.

The interview talks about all the obstacles I faced during my pivot and how I handled them and Monique was such a great host in the interview. It's 30 minutesin Dutch and you can listen to it here (click on the image):

Episode 9: In gesprek met Sarah Berckenkamp

In this week's podcast

Today we're diving into a crucial topic that many entrepreneurs face: how to prevent burnout in your business when it’s almost happening.

In this podcast, I’m sharing a story of one of my clients who recently experienced the pressures of burnout. During a coaching call I asked her a few questions and we figured out that if she were an employee, she would have called in sick at this point. This statement served as a wake-up call, highlighting the importance of taking proactive steps to avoid burnout.

In this episode, I'm breaking down how I’ve helped her into three essential tips to prevent burnout and get your business back on track. Because it’s not too late.

I'm answering a question in the audience regarding if they should communicate in English or their mother tongue language. You can find my 3-part answer in this week's episode:

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All the best,


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