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Previous Newsletter issues:

#054 Do you know what your clients actually want? Find out in a fun way!

The difference between a successful and a less successful business is:The ones that know what their ideal client's inner most desires are and creating a …

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What I believe to be the most important step in your business this year is inside this newsletter

In today's newsletter I'm talking about how you could work on your personal brand, also if you're not running a business. Having a personal brand …

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#052 Audit your life & business once a month and you will thrive#052

Hello, Today I'm helping you audit your life and business and what you can do to make it more what you desire.​Because as a solopreneur …

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#051 Launch your next product or service with ease & how to set your prices#051

Today I'm breaking down for you how you can launch your new business, product or service.​Launching is a set period of time to present your …

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#050 One tool that will guide you through this year + demand generation + how to stay motivated

First of all a happy, successful and groundbreaking New Year to you.​In this week's newsletter I'm talking about a guiding tool for you this year, …

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#049 My 2022 Wrapped – From Interim Manager to Business Coach

Last week's episode was about looking back at your year (and planning for next year) and looking at my podcast stats, I know my listeners …

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#048 Looking back & Goal Setting 2023

If you've followed the news, you know what kind of year it's been.​We all thought covid was right behind us, whilst in some parts of …

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#047 Gratitude and looking back

This is a tool I've used for over 6 months now and it's really helped me shape my new business.In this blogpost I am writing …

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#046 Ready for your 6-hour workday? Let's talk about your productivity

You've probably read all the books, heard all the stories on how to be more productive: use a time tracker app, shut off all your …

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