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#15. You want to sell like a pro? Then listen first!

Another week, another blog for you! Yet again, a very important topic: sales. Because without sales, there’s no business, my dear. And we want to survive and even thrive as a business, don’t we? So it’s crucial to sell with ease to your ideal clients. I’m happy to give you the 3 steps that will help you do so.  

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1. Become an (niche) authority 

The first step of selling like a pro, is becoming an authority. Whatever job I was working in, I’ve always been an authority. People saw me, they came to me and wanted to work with me. How did I manage that? Well, I have some tips I’d love to share with you. 


Not that long ago, I realized that sharing free value (as I’m doing with my podcast for instance, go check it out!) helps you become an authority. You show your potential clients what you’re capable of. It’s like when you let people smell your pizza and it’s a delicious one, they want a piece (or two, we all know how that goes) to taste, right? When you prove to your target audience how valuable your free content already is, they wish to appeal to your real products and services. Sales are on their way, baby! 


Recommendations are also a key concept when talking about becoming a niche authority and spicing up your sales. If potential clients are confronted with testimonies stating how awesome and life-changing your work is, you will be known as an authority. (Remember the pizza thing? Well, recommendations function like that as well.) 

Soooo, hurry up! Ask your clients to give you some good reviews


Let me tell you, selling your offer with confidence is a game changer! Believe in how promising your products or services are. I experienced the importance of this myself, I once wasn’t confident either. But that changed and now I’m here to help you pick up your crown and put it back on. You can do this, you're a powerful woman! 

Oh and do you remember my previous blog post in which I talked about leadership? The fruitful tips I shared there are also suitable in the context of becoming an authority. Don’t hesitate, go check it out! 

2. Listen to your customers (and don’t talk!) 

Yeah, the ‘don’t talk’ part sounds crazy, right? But let me explain how you need to handle this. Contact your potential and current clients and have an excellent conversation with them. Pay close attention to what they say about how they’re doing and what their current needs are. This knowledge will be so beneficial for your business. Keep on reading, I’m about to reveal how! 

Okay, let’s make it concrete now. What I want you to do is, make a list of 10 to 20 warm leads you’d like to have a chat with. Listen to them and write down their needs. If you can’t help them at the moment, tell your warm leads you can hire someone to help them for you. Or it’s also possible to create something new in one or two years that is in line with their desires and needs

Would I be Sarah if I didn’t have your back on this one too? I created a free download with 6 tips on how to use your network for a successful launch. This Guide will help you with this assignment. We, women, need to help each other out, am I right? 

3. Build strong relationships 

Last, but definitely not least: building relationships with your clients is pivotal. Oh, how this one will spice up your sales as well! And why is that? Dear reader, it’s super easy: selling = building relationships. Period. It’s about starting a conversation and listening to your clients’ needs. And of course, anticipate them.
A golden rule here: always present your new offer to your existing clients. If you have something new, they’ll notice immediately in their newsletter for instance. 

Aaaand of course, I’d like to end today’s lovely chat with a beautiful quote from the charming Jennifer Lopez. May I present you: “You get what you give. What you put into things, is what you get out of them.” If you’re putting a lot of energy into your business and clients, you will get a lot back and that is very worthwhile! 

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