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#16: How to (re)create your offer without losing quality or clients

Offering quality to your clients and yourself as well? Why, yes you can! As you know I went from being an interim manager to growing into a business coach. As in any job I’ve ever done, quality comes first. But that doesn’t mean you can’t re-evaluate your offer or create a new offer from scratch. Let me give you the 5 steps that will lead to your quality offer, old or new. Shall we, darling?

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Now, let’s dive right in!

1. Get help

I went from selling my time to creating a successful online offer and get asked quite frequently: “How, Sarah?”.

Well, the first thing I did was asking for help. I have surrounded myself with business coaches, sales coaches, budget coaches, … You name it!

My point is, you don’t have to do it alone. There is so much experience out there. Why not take advantage of learning from other business owners’ mistakes so you don’t have to go through them?

Experience is gold. Invest in the knowledge of others and watch yourself and your business grow exponentially.

2. Create a financial buffer

The ideal client I had as an interim manager was very different from my core audience right now. Back then, big companies were on my radar. Now, I love to focus my energy on helping smaller businesses get the same growth.

That does mean the budget shrinks as well. Not to worry, because I have a plan. I have set my goal number of clients at 100. That’s a lot more than the 9 clients I needed as an interim manager, but that also means I can make a bigger impact.

To do so I needed a financial buffer to keep me going through the adjustment months. And so will you! If you haven’t saved up enough, then wait a bit longer until you have.

Need specific help? Be sure to check out my previous episode about Selling like a Pro.

3. Offer quality for client retention

When I first started with my online offer, I was afraid of quality loss. But actually, the opposite has happened.

My client retention rate is 100%. That means my clients like me, but more importantly, they like my offer.

How Did I do that? By listening to my clients and asking them what it is they need from me. Be sure to ask them frequently, because their needs might change over time.

Are you afraid the market is saturated? Let me tell you IT ISN’T! No one does it quite like you do it.

4. Ask yourself: What is holding you back?

Let’s do one of my favorite journaling exercises.

So take your favorite notebook and pen and write down the answer to the following questions.

  • What is holding you back to achieve your goals?
  • What is the evidence you think that proves this statement?
  • What is the evidence that you’re wrong?

Writing down what you think is holding you back, followed by the evidence to prove you are utterly and totally wrong, will give you a new perspective on things.

5. Write down 3 big steps you need to take to (re)create your offer

What are the 3 big steps necessary to reach your goal?

Got it?

Now plan those steps in your calendar. Take 2 hours a week to work on reaching your goal and you will soon see, it’s not that difficult to reach.

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To end this blog let’s quote the beautiful and successful J-Lo:

“I have found that by taking risks, being true to myself and making decisions with good intentions, I can exceed even my own expectations”.

Preach, sister!

invest to harvest!

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