#054 Do you know what your clients actually want? Find out in a fun way!

The difference between a successful and a less successful business is:
The ones that know what their ideal client's inner most desires are and creating a service or a product for them are more successful than others.

By stepping into the mindset of serving your clients instead of ‘just doing what you think you should do' will make you happier in your business and more of your ideal clients will come to you.

This newsletter is for you if you're dreaming of a business that's thriving, with the best clients who make YOU happy, not having to worry about money anymore and doing what you believe in.

Most business owners are barely scraping by, because they only do what THEY want or believe to be necessary, I want to invite you this week to step out of your office and actually start having a conversation with your ideal clients.

The only thing your business needs is a deep understanding of your ideal clients innermost desire

There's so many ways you can find out what your clients needs.

In boring corporate terms this is called market research, but I am not here for anything boring.

Try to cross off all these items on the list below for the upcoming 2 weeks and see what happens in your business:

1. Ask your existing clients what they like about working with you (then also create a review and put that on your sales page);

2. Ask them as well what else they would like from you (maybe you're leaving an opportunity at the table?);

3. In a sales conversation, ask why people want to work with you (never forget this step) – write this down and copy it on your sales page;

4. If they decide not to work with you, ask them WHY. Also check out this podcast episode on what to do when that happens;

5. Go to visit a network event this week or next week, this could be any kind of event, for instance if you are working in arts & culture, visit an event from a soccer club, you will notice that you will stand out and you might actually be able to do business there;

6. Go live on instagram or facebook this week or the next. Answer questions you get from your clients. If there's no one watching, don't worry, people always watch the replay and it's a great way to put yourself out there;

7. Consider creating a weekly email newsletter like this one, or maybe you want to send it out monthly OR just send out one email to all your clients and the people on your mailing list with a company update. This could be a list of 10 people or 100.

Also invite them to reply, almost every week I receive many nice replies on this email <3.

8. Do not listen too much to your friends & family, they're probably not your ideal clients, so thank them for their feedback but then go on and never GIVE UP!

9. Once you've done all this, write down the results clients get from working with you: in their business, in their personal life, maybe spiritually. Create your sales page around that outcome.


In this week's podcast: we talk about money

One of my clients appeared in voxer with a bit of a personal question and because I am helping solopreneurs, I love to help them also in their personal life, especially when it involves money.

She decided she wanted to hire a gardener, but her partner did not want that to happen, so I coached her on how she could solve this problem that she was facing.

It's a really fun episode! There's also a question coming from the audience on what you can do about a micro-managing boss and since I've been an employee and a boss and I have had a mircro-managing boss once, I have gathered some advice for her!

Did you know you can submit your question too?
It's really easy, just click here, push the orange button & record.
(There's also tips on how to leave a great question).

The question for you at the end of the episode is a way to help you with your grip on money.

You can listen to the episode here

Happening in my business this week:

1. Big Business Mastermind
We're entering the final week of the Big Business Mastermind!
Tuesday at noon the doors will close, so it's your final chance to join.
I am extremely proud of everyone who stepped in so far and I can not wait for our kick-off call on Wednesday!

Join now!

2. Workation Berlin
For the past 4 days, I enjoyed my workation in Berlin and it was absolutely great, I worked in the train, did some work in the mornings and evenings and I was inspired by the great city. I've created some travel vlogs on my instagram account.

And here's some pictures as well:

3. Business Event
Friday, I visited a business event (yes, that's why it was one of my tips) and there's so many nice new things coming. Mark your calendar for February 17th…

4. I'm hosting a sales challenge this week.
You can find all the recordings here.
And you can still join my live coaching today and tomorrow at 9:30 on my instagram account.

5. This week's inspiration/reading list
I read this article this week from Harvard Business Review, about relationships and what to do if your spouse isn't supporting you:

Also started reading this book, about the difference between men and women, haven't finished it yet and I will let you know what I think once I finished it:

I wish you a very happy Thursday!

See you soon and don't forget to reply if you have a question or something fun you want to share.



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