#058 Stop Talent Pollution! & what to do when you’re working on something you really don’t like

Today I wanted to share something new I came up with last week, namely: Talent Pollution.

This is you, your team or your boss polluting the work space with your or their wasted talent fumes.

It means you're not working in your zone of genius, it means you're not doing what you are actually meant to do.
And deep down inside you know it's true.

I'm writing this newsletter to help you figuring out what you can do.

It's needless to say that I believe Talent Pollution is a waste.

Imagine all those people unhappy in their work on a global scale, do you think we are geared up to make the world a better place?

If you are someone who just now figured out they are actually polluting their talent, or maybe it's someone around you (feel free to forward this email), you have nothing to worry.

Because it means you are ahead of most people and it means you're already listening to what Oprah calls Whispers:

“Your life is always speaking to you, it speaks in whispers guiding you to your next right step.”

In this great podcast episode Oprah shares different snippets on what it means to listen to the whispers in your life.​

And in this newsletter, I'm helping you with a 3-step Stop Polluting your Talent process on how to beat it:

1. The first step is to listen to the Oprah episode (20 mins) and then take a moment to listen to the whispers.
What is something that is off in your life?
And I know this is really difficult to figure out.
This takes practice and maybe even years.
You can use the wheel of life to figure out what is going well and what isn't:

2. The second step is to figure out:
What is something I can do to change this? 
Do not just let this be a thought in your mind, but actually write this down.
I'm not telling you to quit your job before you have a new one, or completely change your business without a plan, but actually write down what is your whisper and what are the steps you can do to get there.

3. And the hardest part,
and this is where most people fail and why most people stay in their ‘comfort zone' which actually is the danger zone,
is to create something that fits to what you absolutely desire.
What is it that you're longing for most in your life?
If you want some help to establish this, you can listen to this week's podcast episode of Big Business with Sarah.

Bonus tip!
Another tip I want to give you is to look at what the world needs right now to find your new direction. I just finished reading Daniel Pink's
‘A whole new mind'
 and he looks at the world from a very practical standpoint and he believes jobs that are ‘left-brained' are growing obsolete and that, in order to thrive & sour in your business or career, you need to tap into the right part of your brain, the creative side:

2nd Bonus Tip!
For my birthday, I received a book called Life is Hard from Kieran Setiya, which talks about the idea of ‘having to be successful' in this day and age and that thriving for a ‘perfect' lifestyle is toxic and I actually agree with that.
People are not robots, things are going a different way than you expect (especially if you're not listening to the whispers) and social media (and the news) tells us to step over that and just keep going.

And whilst I believe you shouldn't delve too much in your negative thoughts, it's really not bad to understand what is stopping you right now from getting the thing you want and if you can't do this by yourself, you can always ask help from others.

My point is:
It's okay to not have listened to your whispers, until now 😉
You can always change direction with a plan
Look at what the world needs right now, adapt
& look at what has stopped you before.I am finding this process so interesting, I'm seeing it happening to my clients each and everyday and also in my own personal life.

Life truly is a journey.And if you've taken the time to read this newsletter, you can also spend some time working on my 3 tips and read my 2 bonus tips.

Enjoy!In this week's podcast episodeI'm helping one of my clients who is stuck in a project and a client she really doesn't like and I coached her along the way on how to handle this situation right now and how to prevent this from happening in the future.

Also I'm answering an audience question from Taylor who wonders how to communicate and combine 2 of her businesses in 1 personal brand. Great question Taylor! I'm answering yours in the same episode.

You can find this week's episode here:
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Happening in my business this week:

1. It was my podcast 1-year anniversary last Friday.
I celebrated with a glass of champagne in Antwerp.
– 57 episodes
– 3000+ listeners
– I am extremely surprised (and a bit proud) that I published a new episode each week for a year!
And the cherry on the pie was to receive this great review from Julia on LinkedIn (follow her) and it's great to read she really gets what my podcast is about:
2. Last Monday I was being coached by my coach on my 3-year strategy for my business, I always love creating a strategy and it's helped me create next week's podcast episode, which is the celebration & reflection of & on my 1-year anniversary as a coach!

3. This week, my Mastermind is going to join my March 10K, 20K, 50k, 100k challenge (depending on where they're at in their business). Looking forward to showing them the power of sales.

Thanks for reading, reply your thoughts if you want and enjoy your Thursday!


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