#061 The Secret to Converting Fans into Loyal Clients

Are you tired of constantly searching for new clients and wondering how to grow your business?

What if I told you that your solution may be right in front of you? That's right; join me in turning your fans into clients.

Loyal clients are the lifeblood of any business, and they can help you grow by referring new clients to you and giving you repeat business.
This picture hits hard for people most of the time, because it is TRUE.
I've once had a lead who followed me for 10 years and THEN decided to contact me…. I mean…

Most people (and I did too…) fail in landing more clients, because they assume their fans will automatically become clients without any effort, or they focus solely on acquiring new clients and overlook the potential of their existing fan base.

(And if you're thinking: well, I have no problem with landing clients, I'm always full, consider listening to this episode.)Yes, you can spend tons of money on ads and depending on the quality of your ad you will welcome many low quality leads and hopefully convert one of them into your client one day. But you can also create content that really speaks to your client and therefor attract your high quality client.

Your fans already know and trust you. They believe in your message and values.

Converting your fans into clients is not a one-time event. It's a process that requires consistency, authenticity, and patience.

So I've created a 3-step action plan for you:

1. Know Your Fans: Understand who your fans are, what they need, and how you can help them. Be consistent in creating your content for them.

2. Build Relationships: Engage with your fans regularly, create value, and provide excellent customer service. Build trust by being a reliable source of information and easiness.

3. Offer Incentives: Create compelling offers and calls-to-action that encourage your fans to take action. Do this from a ‘serving' point of view: show how you can really help them.

Bonus-step: Follow Up: Consistently follow up with your fans and clients to nurture relationships and encourage repeat business. And this is where most people fail. I heard that 10% of the no's you get is a REAL no, all the other 90% are actually a YES or a NOT NOW, so you should always do a follow-up to be sure.

There's a million ways in how to do the follow-up, find a way to do it your way and collect as many no's as possible!

But HOW?
As you may know, I've re-grown my business from the ground up, using zero ads and attracting clients using my content.

Curious to my method?

You can learn how to:
– find the kind of content and tone of voice that fits you;
– spend only 1 hour a week on this by creating a ‘system' that works for you;
– how to calculate exactly how much content you need to reach your sales goals;
a 14-step process that helps you actually do this!

You can grab my 1-hour Converting Content training, for only 33 euro here, click here to grab the training now!

​In this week's podcast

I actually got a question coming in from a listener and what I love about having a podcast is that I can actually help her for free, because I can mold my answer into an episode.
Today we'll be discussing how to stay in control of sales calls and avoid getting friend-zoned by your prospects.
Recently, one of my listeners had a sales call with a prospect who interrupted her and took control of the conversation right from the beginning. It can be frustrating when this happens because you want to be the one leading the conversation and guiding the prospect towards a sale.

So, how do you stay in control of the conversation without being rude? Let's find out in this week's podcast!
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Happening in my business this week:

1. On Tuesday I hosted Nine Lives, the masterclass for people who wanted to unlock their full potential and it was a really great session! The biggest insight for most people is; do I have to wait for a change in my career to happen for me, or should I just go for it? More on this in this recap bonus podcast episode that I created yesterday.

The people who joined received a very special deal afterwards to work with me in close proximity. This is a new program I'm launching. The limited deal is valid until noon today.

And I am going to host the Masterclass one more time – on Tuesday April 4 at 6PM – you can join the free masterclass through this link.2. A little behind the scenes on what my clients are doing this week:

* After following my bonus training on ‘how to write a converting sales page' my client finished her sales page in less than 24 hours and just had her first online course sale;

* All of my clients are playing around with ChatGPT. I've shared with one of my clients how she can use it writing her upcoming book;

* One of my clients has put her mind and actions towards publishing in national newspapers and her first column is published last week;

* One of my clients has created a new sales plan for her business which has shown her tremendous insights on which part of her business she should put all her energy towards;

* One of my clients had a major personal breakthrough which she wouldn't have seen without my coaching (she told me);

* Another client of mine is currently converting the 20 clients who stepped into her workshop last year, into long term clients by creating a new offer specifically to their needs;

And this is just the result of ONE week, I am beyond proud of the major steps my clients are taking!

So with that, I wish you a happy end of the week and see you in the next!All the best,Sarah​
Whenever you're ready there's a couple of ways to work with me:

1. Unlock your full potential in the free Nine Lives Masterclass on April 4th. Apply and more info here.

2. Learn how to consistently create content for only 33 euro here.​​
3. Join the limited Nine Lives offer – a new program in which you can work in close proximity with me.

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You are in control of your business. 

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