What to do when you’re being invited to be speaking for free

Congratulations, you're seen as an expert because you're invited to speak or perform at a conference, festival or some other type of event.

But once you ask what's the budget, they're looking at you like you're crazy or that you're telling them you're going to abduct their firstborn.

This week, a cartoon appeared in the Dutch Newspaper Volkskrant, about this specific topic.
It says: “Do you want to speak at our event about how to make money with your drawings” – “Sure, what does it pay?” – “Nothing“.

Cartoon by Jip van den Toorn

And this example is not an exception, in fact, some of my clients have faced this reality many times.

What also happened after that, is that once my client told the event organiser that they needed to be paid, they would not respond with a ‘logical': “I understand you want this, what can we do for you?”

But they got the full force with people saying:
Who do you think you are?”
Everybody does it for free”
“We don't have money for speakers
“It's great for your ‘reputation‘”
And so on and so on.

As an artist you should never have to ‘subsidize' a poorly managed event.

So even if you're considering organizing an event and not paying anyone, you should at least have some manners.

My point for this newsletter is not to scold the institutions, but to help you see what you could do in situations like these (and other cases in which you need to negotiate about money).

When should you skip a gig because it doesn't pay and when should you actually go for it, because there always are exceptions.

I've worked with quite some artists now in my 1,5 years as a coach and I want to share with you what I've learned and seen what works for them.

And I'm going to share all the insights for free.

This summer, I'm hosting a masterclass on how you can learn from my clients' results for your very own practice. This masterclass is for visual artists, musicians, theater makers, writers, photographers, videographers, anyone who works in the creative field.

You're welcome to join, I'm very exited to prepare this!

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