How you went from Point A to Point B matters

The people who follow you, want to hear your unique point of view of your niche.

One way to do that, is to create your ‘founder-story' or simply: how you went from point A to point B.

This matters, because it might inspire your followers to create something new and interesting for themselves and to possibly attract them as clients.

Most people forget to mention where they're coming from and that's a shame, because you're making it very difficult for your followers to understand where you're coming from.

Having a founder story helps you create a deeper connection with your tribe.

Since the dawn of time, people like to connect through stories.
It's a very easy way to remember facts. For instance, you will remember this: the very first song of the 3 I brought out is about my cat Bambou.
You will remember this, because it's a bit odd…

So how to create your own founder story?

1. Remember 1-3 events in your career that were turning points to you. An impossible client, a turn of events in your sector, outside factors like climate change or covid. Write those events down.

2. In those events, what were the turning points for you? Who helped you? And what made it easier to you?

3. Write this story from beginning to end.

For example, my founder story is this:
I was a 6-figure freelance interim manager for a couple of years and lost all my clients because of covid. This made me realize my business model was hanging by a thread & actually made me very insecure.
Nobody heard from me anymore, who would want to work with such a 
Right when 
I wanted to give up my business and apply for a job, I landed my first client again. I got my energy back and I started to think about how to diversify my income streams and started following business coaches online on how to do that.
My closest friends and husband 
supported me tremendously to invest in hiring a business coach.
I've invested over
 20.000 euro in business coaching and now I've built my dream business with multiple income streams, working on my terms with my ideal clients and have honestly never been happier.

You can use your founder story on your website, in your linkedin bio or a very small version in your instagram bio. And you can use this story when you're doing interviews.
This ‘template' helped me do a recent interview on a podcast. Thanks to this founder-story, I was able to weave my story throughout the interview.

Take 30-minutes this week to create your founder-story and see how people are willing to connect with you, because of this.

On this week's podcast

In this week's episode, we're going to explore the new essentials of effective marketing and how to avoid annoying your audience.

Sometimes a new client asks me how to do ads and I know exactly how, but it’s hardly the time for it.

I even saw an instagram story from someone (who sells ads trainings) that you need to have ads, because with all the good content you need to stand out.

This is the world upside down to me. And she sold those ad trainings and I was like: nooo! Just create better content, that’s the key.

I’m sharing with you 5 old marketing beliefs that are not here to stay, so if you decide to invest in one of these old methods, it’s up to you, but you can also decide to do your marketing which fits the needs of your clients, right now and in the future

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Happening in my business this week:

  1. It's the final week before my staycation and we've made the switch from Teachable to Kajabi, as a client you've received the logins for everything and August 20th I will close my Teachable account. I'm so happy everything went smooth (so far), after my staycation I'm going to focus on creating my website on the platform (say goodbye to wordpress) and also maybe changing to that email provider (currently I'm using Convertkit).
  2. I've been coaching my clients mostly the past week, we spoke about how to step over limiting beliefs, how to create an impeccable offer, how to do a risk analysis and planning for your business (investments and such) and what I love most about this is that every business and every phase of their business my clients are in and that they're also learning from each other. If you want to see if you're a fit, you can apply for the Mastermind here.
  3. I've created a promotional video for Art Profit, the free masterclass on how to build a sustainable and profitable art business and I'm so happy with it, you can find it below (click on the image). I created the video in canva & capcut and I recorded the audio with my RodecasterProll. It was quite some work so if you're thinking, yeah I like this, please share ;-):

I wish you a very happy week and see you next Thursday!

All the best,


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