#050 One tool that will guide you through this year + demand generation + how to stay motivated

First of all a happy, successful and groundbreaking New Year to you.

In this week's newsletter I'm talking about a guiding tool for you this year, the power of demand generation, how to stay motivated and setting your goals for the upcoming year.

How did I discover that this tool was so powerful?
On New Year's Eve my partner and I grab a little book in which we've documented our goals since 2014.

Throughout the years this has been going from a ‘resolutions' book to more of an ‘intentions' book.

NYE 2022 in glittery shine

One of the things that stood out for me this year, which I didn't know before I recorded last week's podcast, is that there was 1 tool that has really helped me push through the year full of challenges.

Which was my word of 2022:


In short: I've been really holding on to this word and it has helped me even in the most difficult times, because I knew I shouldn't be panicking, or thinking short-term, but take the comfortable road.

In today's newsletter, I'm helping you create your word of the year too.

Most people fail in keeping their new year's resolutions because they have no idea what they're doing in their life or business and it's actually quite easy to learn avoid that.

Having a word of the year creates a lot of clarity for you.

Follow this 3-step process to find your word of the year:

1. Define your goals/ intentions
First I'd like to ask you what your intentions or goals are for this year, are they financial, are they a certain number of clients, are they a state of being.

If you want some guidance in setting your goals, click here.
Or follow my free goal setting training in my 
Facebook group today at 1 PM.

2. Think about possible results
Write down for yourself what kind of feelings or results you'll gain from this; what will happen if you've managed to reach your goal in December 2023?
Jot down the words that come to mind.

3. Pick a word
After this journaling exercise might appear one word that stands out for you, or that you can filter or summarize from all the words you've written down.

That is your word of the year.

Reply to this email what your word of the year is, I'm very curious.

Want to know my word of the 2023?

🧲 Attract 🧲 

I’ve been following a few people on LinkedIn who believe lead generation with gated content (for instance: leave your email address to get my free guide) is very old fashioned.

And I agree with them.

The point in 2023 is not to lure people into your funnel, but to actually make them want to.

If people really want to work with you, they will come to you.

This is called demand generation and I believe this is going to be big, yes huge, in 2023.

So for this year, I am opening up all my gated content, for instance my sales plan workshop, so that you don't have to leave your email address, but still gets loads of value.

Another aspect of successful demand generation, is to create killer content and NEVER talk about your offer in your content, but let people come to you and ask you for it, because they love the way you present yourself.

As a business coach, I believe I should be on top of everything that works for my clients, so of course, I'm trying demand generation too.

So, yesterday morning I decided to open up my launch strategy for the upcoming Mastermind Launch with you.
I'm being very open and honest about what works, what doesn't and why I believe it is or not, time for analyzing whilst launching!

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Podcast episode of this week
I've announced it for the past 10 newsletters, but the new and improved podcast is here!
Including a new approach, a new jingle, some interesting new features and YOU!

Recording the podcast with my new Rodecaster Pro ll

In this episode I'm sharing a question from one of my clients – this week it's about finding motivation throughout the year, answering your question – this time about how to give feedback to a co-worker (submit your question here) and the last part:
I have one question for you.

You can find the podcast here, I can not wait to hear your response:

Listen to the podcast

Happening in my business this week:
Next week, I'm opening up the doors for my
Mastermind & the Big Business Big Life workshop.

If you want a pre-order price on the Mastermind, send me a reply to this email and I'll give you the link.

Love, Sarah

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